Pool Shark

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    lyin in my plastic bed
    thinkin how things weren’t so cool to me
    my baby likes to shoot pool
    i like lyin naked in my bedroom
    tyin on that dinosaur tonite used to be so cool
    but now i got the needle
    and i can shake but i can’t breathe
    take it away but i want more and more
    one day i’m gonna loose the war


    I’d like a print of this.


    Good idea, but a little too over the top I think. It would be better if the shark was just coming out of the water like half way ala Jaws with maybe the pool cue in his teeth.


    YOU HAVE POOL CUES, FREAKING WEAPONS. Why are you just standing around shocked?


    this is the coolest juicebox ad i have ever laid eyes on

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