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    um, i think that’s a dude


    it says “for feminine wearer”, so technically leaving the actual sex of the person out of the question.


    perfect for women who plan on remaining sexual inactive for the duration of their lives.


    It doesn’t look like she has much choice in that area, anyway


    The little v’s at the top would drive me crazy. Then again, she probably is crazy from suffering all the abuse from the playground and schoolyard…


    Behold, everyone: the origin of Elton John.


    oh come on guys, your being snobs. If that chick lost the glasses and was a slut, she would get laid all the time. Yeah she looks dorky but she isnt that bad looking. You make her out to be unfuckable, and really lets be honest guys that requires being incredible unattractive like Elena kagan unattractive to be unfuckable.


    She is UNFUCKABLE! There I said it. Need to sharpen your game if you think you will fuck that thing. She looks like a man that fags won’t touch, and that says something.


    you have got to be kidding me? Have you waited in line at the DMV recently? The people there are uglier than i concieved possible. Yes she looks fuggly but, you cant even see her body she might just have a butter face. On the grand scale of uglyness relatively she trends to average. I just cant believe that if you were on a long losing streak, you would abstain if she consented. You know you dont have to fuck her face. If you are turning down sex and not getting any, then you might be trying to have sex… Read more »


    True, but who wants average? My wife will have a problem if I start sleeping with ugly chicks….


    average is all relative, its like saying someone is poor who makes 15k a year. Well in the states 15k is pretty poor, but I imagine globally 15k is above the average. The same is true for this chick, run her out to the quad at your local college campus and yeah she will be on the low end, but take her to the DMV and she will a lot better than average.