When dealing with Police..

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    i do not consent to searches, officer


    you and what probable cause?


    This is what’s printed on the back of every African-American birth certificate


    y halo thar ocifer… wath ken ah do fur u…?


    What if they’re corrupt fucks?


    Make sure you tell them “I know my rights, I read them on the internet!”

    Then come back and tell us all about how they suddenly were filled with fear of obviously superior intellect and mastery of things like safety scissors and adjustable baseball caps.

    In fact print this out…The coppers need a good laugh too.


    I wish i had known this when i was 15.

    Robert Spam

    I thought it came from the ACLU but am not having much luck right off the bat finding it. Did find this though.


    Robert Spam

    yea try any of this with the NYPD and see what happens…go ahead try.


    the only word you should ever say to a copsucker, is “lawyer”


    Just tell them you’re in second year law and know your rights.
    Say it calmly and with a small smile.

    Or you can just tell them you know your rights and don’t want any trouble.

    You’ll be surprised to find out they don’t need another jerk
    to deal with and will leave you alone….

    Mind you, if you look like a Skel you’ll get hassled not matter what you do…

    Inpho Sys

    Why are cops such douche bags lately? More and more cases of police brutality are surfacing. It makes me wonder how many cases of “police just beeing dicks” aren’t reported.


    Inpho Sys: some cops are dicks. Just like some people.

    Most are not. I work with cops regularly in a rural/suburban setting. I have never seen a cop be a dick without a reason. If you are so drunk (or high) your wife called 911; and then you refuse to go to the hospital with me (the happy Paramedic that you are now making unavailable if someone is having a heart attack).

    The cops are going to cuff you.

    If you fight they are going to taze you. Then they are going to cuff you.

    Then you go on my stretcher.

    If you promise to stop being a dick. They take the cuffs off, and we take you to the hospital where you can sleep, and the nurses make sure you don’t die.


    Fuck you, pig!


    Errrm… ok…


    lol most of these are wrong so going by it would be a bad idea.

    cops can search your car whenever they want, they can also search your house if they see anything from the door, like if they knock and you have drugs on the table, then they can come in and search your house.

    also, saying your a law student or something is a joke, because you really do know nothing and it gives then reason to look for something to bust you on.

    Just This Guy, You Know?

    Cops can’t search your car “whenever they want.” This is why they ask. If they had the right to do so, they wouldn’t ask random traffic stops for permission. They can search without consent if they see paraphernalia, or other illegal items in plain view. This is why when cops knock on your door, you step outside and close the door so they can’t snoop.


    Why not just obey the law, mind your own business and try to be a more productive member of society?

    If you have nothing to hide, there’s no reason for any of this crap.


    If you have nothing to hide, there’s no reason to object to them probing your anal opening, detaining you in solitary confinement for a few days, planting drugs on you or shooting your pets in “self-defense” — after all, American judges are always independent and totally not the best mate of your arresting officer and the DA…


    If you had typed that all in CAPS, I would have sworn you were lotus.


    Your query presumes that only people who aren’t law abiding citizens will ever be stereotyped or treated unfairly by a LEO.

    There are good LEOs and there are bad LEOs. They make mistakes, they have bad days, they can be corrupted by power. They are human beings, just like everyone else.

    Simply obeying the law will not always protect you from the gross abuse of power by the bad ones.


    I know for a fact that the cops don’t always follow the rules OR care about your rights.


    if you have nothing to hide, you’re probly a boring person with no excitement in their life


    Everyone has something to hide. It is impossible for any person to go through their life w/o committing crimes. Part of me thinks this was done purposefully. It’s difficult to rule over people who have no guilt. It’s the way in which many religions get you. Some of them have us born into sin.


    There are so many obscure, vague, and little used laws that a cop can virtually always find probable cause. For example in Illinois the little plastic license plate frames most dealerships put on cars are actually illegal because they supposedly obscure a license plate. If a cop thinks you look suspicious, they can always find a reason to pull you over and poke around in your personal business.


    Don’t say “I know my rights” just assert them, calmly. Then get a lawyer, even if it is a shitty, half-drunk, sad sack public defender.




    oh shit! what now?


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