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kitties make me squee

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    fracked again

    Every part of a cat is sharp and can be used as a weapon.


    A cat is fine, too.


    i have listened to Coast to Coast AM at night on the AM dial for over a decade. and he had a cat that stroked out. he told us that a cat’s system is broken down front and back, not left and right like peoples. so when his cat had a stroke, the back half of the kitty went down instead of the left or right


    I had a cat that had a stroke too. He also was paralyzed from the rear legs down.

    Luke Magnifico

    My cat attacked another bird today. It’s half wild so it’s too be expected. But it still makes me sad. 🙁

    Cats are lovely soft furry bundle of hateful violence with sharp edges and sociopathy.


    You guys won’t believe me, but I fucked that cat.


    If you’re going to try resurrect the meme, you can’t do it halfheartedly.

    Jesus Christ

    I did not know their spinal cord went into their tail?


    I haz 4 cats. One is a retard with seizures. 😛 He’s cute though…


    Needs more bacon.


    I got four new kittens Tuesday night. I expected a bigger litter. Pics to come!