innovation by SONY

innovation by SONY

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    If it’s not broken don’t fix it


    Agreed. It’s lasted since the times of the PS1.

    Sometimes, things are just designed right on the first try.


    this is the perfect controller, and i believe it is the main reason PlayStation achieved such dominance


    I agree. This has been my favorite controller of all time. It really is very good. Never quite internalized the used of either the xbox or Nintendo controllers like I did the Sony controller.

    casemods UID# 667

    I was pissed when I heard that sony removed the ERGONOMIC controller because people didn’t like it.

    But then again, I think this post is assuming that the controller needs to change with every new system.

    Maybe sony had it right from the beginning…ever think of that?

    I wonder what the statistics are for people who like the play station controller vs who wants it to change.


    That button lets me turn my PS3 on and off without having to get off my fat ass. I like that button.


    So does your fat ass.


    The thing I dislike about Sony controllers is the bizarre claw finger grip I have to use for the shoulder & trigger buttons. It’s doable, but damn is it awkward.


    The creator of this picture (most likely a xbox Fanboy) knows nothing about Design.

    You hold the controller in both hands, and all functions that you need all the time, are right there for your fingers to find, so it makes total sense to put the button you only need to turn the thing on and off (and reach the menu) in the middle of the controller. the farthest away from your fingers.


    given the number of different buttons we need to play any game these days, I can almost guarantee you the alternatives would be much worse.

    Unless you’re a PC gamer. In which case, it would be no problem.


    Either your comment wasn’t intended to be a reply to mine, or I simple don’t get it.
    To make my standpoint clear, I’m not a big PS3 Fan (but have one), but from an ergonomical point of view I like the controller very much, it feels great in my hand.


    Dunno what happened, this was actually meant for Paul Is Drunks post…


    I am a PC and PS Gamer, and I enjoy this controller. In fact, there is several models of USB controllers modeled after the PS controller and they are very enjoyable and functional for games like the MechWarrior Series, along with several driving games for the PC.

    Sony hit it out of the park with this controller. I also used to own an XboX, and I do own a Gamecube, and I still think the Sony controller is better than both of those also.




    Innovation by 95% of companies:
    “Our massive core fan base spends millions on our shit”
    “lets change it significantly and get x10 more fans”
    Oops lol fail (fucking deus ex 2… jesus…)

    Innovation by 5%
    “Our massive core fan base spends millions on our shit”
    “Lets ask the massive core of fans how we can make it better for them, then add some features and publicity to get even more fans”
    Win (…ps3)

    yea thats right, I told you mr.internet person – beat that clever observation *nod*


    I dislike the PS3 R/L2 trigger. Give me back my bottom instead a half ass trigger.


    I like the 360 controller better for everything except fighting games.


    Love the button.
    Love the controller, best ever.
    360 controller, worst ever.


    I dunno. The wii controller is pretty fucking terrible.


    Part, albeit a very small part, of my decision to get the ps3 over the xbox 360 was the control. I am satisfied with this layout and feel, unless more buttons are needed, it can stay this way until there is a significant reason to change it. Why screw it up?

    Jesus Christ

    Remember the first Xbox controllers? Yeah. My brother and I were fighting like siblings do and I swung it around my head like a flail and hit him in the face with it. Besides the time when the family dog died when he was eight years old and that time I hit him with a shovel then threw a pin ball marble at him, this is the only time I’ve seen him cry.


    I will forever remember this


    Innovation isn’t always a good thing, y’know. In this case, functionality is key, which is why the Dualshock in its various iterations remains my preferred pad.


    Am I the only one whose only thought what “arrgh my eyes, it’s Comic Sans!”


    nope, I had to use Eye Bleach as well.