the beatles are colorful

the beatles are colorful

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    White Album in Technicolor!

    Digitally remastered and even better.

    Maxwell Edison

    But that song’s on Abbey Road…


    Weird, I went to my bro’s who I haven’t seen in a while and he had beatles rock band,

    then I hear “here comes the sun” on the radio

    then i get youtube associated / recomended paul mcartneys reaction to john lennons death for some reason

    now this today.

    *does spooky hands* Its as if the beatles are somehow popular! or something.


    Meh – about half their stuff is decent enough as light pop, while the rest blows. It depends on how much acid they were on at the time. That was the problem with bands of that time – they were so strung out most of the time that “live” performances were almost unintelligible. The worst of the lot for that was Led Zepplin. Never get a LZ live album… you’re just wasting your money. At least when they were in the studio, the label lackeys were able to keep them clean enough that they could remember the lyrics and play… Read more »

    Maxwell Edison

    Well, sure, if you don’t count the facts that just about every single thing they released changed the face of rock music and influenced other genres, thousands (tens of thousands? Could be) of covers of their songs have been done, and more come out every year, even more than 40 years after they broke up, they pretty much invented the music video and the stadium concert, and that nearly every song on every album wouldn’t sound out of place if it were released as a single as-is today… yeah, they’re just a generic boy band. Just sayin.