star trek online sexiness

star trek online sexiness

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    It that game any good?

    tiki god

    not really, I got one toon to the level cap, and another one half way to it when I realized that it was boring as fuck and not worth my time.

    some good space visuals though. combat, both ground and space, sucked monkey ass


    played mmo’s before?
    i played world of warcraft and enjoyed it immensely for a couple of years, but once i grew tired of it, it put me off to any game with a leveling system. start recognizing timesinks and analyzing what’s keeping you in the game and its over.

    tiki god

    I agree with this, I did WoW for a year or so, and then Eve, and even tried some Tabula Rasa, and then STO. waaaay too many “get me X of X and I’ll give you 50 xp” type quests in all those games.

    city of heroes was fun for a while though, I got to fly my guy around. that was cool, but the graphics really didn’t stand up, and the lairs were repetitive.


    How about the D&D online game? Have you tried that?


    There’s something terribly sad about someone who finds cartoons or computer graphics sexy.
    I’ll never understand it.


    You will likely never understand art either. Are all your aesthetic sensibilities only sociopathic mockeries, or do you have some true taste and sense of beauty hidden within your bitter shell?

    Now I’m off to masturbate to tentacle rape cartoons.


    I totally crush on Nightcrawler as drawn by Alan Davis. I have a friend who once crushed on a cartoon character he drew. That’s a bit sad.
    Anyway, most photographs of hot chicks are so airbrushed they may as well be toons.