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    yeah mom, shame on you, trying to replace my artery clogging meal with a healthy alternative. Good thing the good people at MacDonalds spotted the trend and rolled out these great informative adverts on how to resist healthy food and carry on eating their delicious rubbish. godamn, i’m luvin it


    i remember when jamie oliver took over a school canteen in the US promoting healthy food over the sloppy greasy embarassment of a meal they served up –after obtaining getting the principal’s permission to do so

    parents actually went as far as buying chips and burgers from nearby shops and passing it through the school fences

    and now you are hearing self-righteous declarations of “you have no right to do that” / “this is america” in your heads

    tiki god

    the guy from the daily show? wtf was he doing to the kids’ food?


    Fuck you too, Mcdonalds.


    This CAN’T be real, can it?