Fried Floppy Disk

Found_disk.jpg (24 KB)

1.44MB FTW

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    I smell murder…


    Classic 😀



    fracked again

    Did this to a roommate once…

    Took the magnet part off of a fridge magnet, stuck the disk to the fridge with a piece of this foam tape meant for hanging posters, then stuck the rigged magnet to the disk with another piece of tape.

    He was horrified for about 5 seconds until he realized that there was no way I had done this for real. Good times.

    I still have some old disks. I should make real fridge magnets from them.


    Oh man, the floppy disk.

    I have copies of turbopascal on the old 5.25.” I don’t know why i do, i mean i was only like 5-6 years old when that program was super popular. I think i was playing donald ducks quack attack and some game about human anatomy.


    I have all my college papers on disk…somewhere. Last time I used one I couldn’t read them because it wasn’t being recognized. Some of them were typed on a c64 and later, Corel Word Perfect.


    Oh SNAP!


    I bought an external floppy drive when I got my laptop. Haven’t used it once, although I really should copy over my thesis paper and stuff. But then again, why? I’m never going to read it again.
    “Archaeological Contributions to the Study of Osteoporosis.” Anyone interested?


    College is stupid. We’re all gonna die! You can’t learn your way out of death can you? Point. Match.

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