Uboa postcard.

uboa2.png (376 KB)

I bought these postcards I found in Walden’s Books near-around Valentine’s Day. I thought, “Hey. Zephran might like to get a card once or twice a week. And hey, they’re somewhat offensive! I can go for that!” so I picked them up. They’re by someecards so the back of the card is what I did, but the front of it there with the Blackberry isn’t mine, nor do I claim it to be mine. I thought I should share it though since it was a part of it.

It isn’t great, but my Sharpie, shaky hand, and lack of imagination tried to give it their all. Edited to remove his FPO-AE address.

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    tiki god

    this is confusing to me

    Luke Magnifico

    Still confusing


    the typed text is funny… otherwise, confused




    from someecards.com. great timewaster