Robert Pattinson to Play Kurt Cobain

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“Twilight’s leading man Robert Pattinson is set to play Kurt Cobain in a forthcoming biopic. The Sun reports that the British actor – known as R-Patz to his teen fans – has landed his “dream role” in the part of the Nirvana frontman.
Patttinson apparently “has always thought of himself as a musician rather than an actor” and so the role is “ideal for the pin-up”, according to the paper’s source.
A long-standing sticking point in any potential biopic has been Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, however it is suggested the singer will have a “key role” in the project by Universal Pictures, and she has been in regular contact with Pattinson.
Scarlett Johansson is rumoured to be the Hole frontwoman’s first choice to play her….”


Well fuck. >_>
Alot of people are saying different things about whether he is or not, so don’t take my word for it. But it’s nice to know they’re seriously considering the most butt ugly creature on the planet to play Kurt.

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    No clue. I’ve never seen his acting or heard his music.


    Me either. It’s a big fuckdangle. Kurt had legions of angsty teen fans who felt out of place and apparently this guy does too, but it still seems wrong. So wrong it’s right. Scarlett Johansson playing Courtney Love is like Denzel Washington playing Al Roker. It’s just too funny she requested it. Maybe Mary Kate?




    I hear this is just an internet rumour. Is putting internet in there redundant? Probably. I don’t mind the guy. I actually feel sorry for him. His life must just be awful since he did Twilight. Don’t hate him just because his fans are losers.
    Twilight is such a bad film I can’t tell if he can act or not.



    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, they do kinda suck, don’t they.



    Big Iff

    Um, if this does not smack of WTF!!!!! and an oxymoron, and WTF!!!! It pretty much goes against all that was Nirvana… the Replacements, and anything else you can think of that goes against WTF!!! Did.. yes WTF!!!


    The paper gets its info from the web. It has to. All the reporters have been laid off.
    But yeah, I imagine Cobain would shoot his face off all over again over this.


    I bet that it is bullcrap, but have you ever heard this guy sing? He really DOES have one of the best male singing voices I have heard in a LONG time, go listen to ‘Let me sign’ off the twilight soundtrack(dont hate, its just the only place I know where to get it, it was a bonus track) it is awesome!


    To cast Robert Pattinson and Scarlet Johansson as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love would be to get everything Nirvana stood for, take a huge dump on it and repackage it for the Miley Cyrus generation.


    They didn’t stand for anything, just shock value and shitty music.

    Luke Magnifico


    Big Iff

    Shock value? If wearing flannel is shocking, then I guess so.


    How about having your whore attention-seeking wife strip to a crowd while hanging on a pole, showing her retarded beaver to everyone?

    Maybe the whole “I’m depressed boo-hoo” lyrics?

    But alas, Kurt was a smart person after all. He realized he ruined rock music so he tried to put an end to it by killing himself… but it was too late.


    Some of the Cyrus generation like Nirvana, moi. This is sort of depressing though


    woah woah woah.

    i am no twihard, but give the man some credit:

    what with his sharp jawline and his distinctive brows cutting such an pleasurable image… i think it can hardly be said that he is butt-ugly

    plus who doesn’t love a guy who’s method of dealing with rabid fans involves completely disregarding hygiene?

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, I’ve seen a few interviews and he’s actually a cool guy.

    Afraid of vaginas, though.


    so this Robert Pattison tard… is he gonna, like, blow his own brains out… IRL?


    Well if I find out they will be shooting that scene, I will do whatever it takes to arrange an “unfortunate mix up” in the props department.


    Brandon Lee?


    twihard will bring legions of angsty tweens and teens much like kurt did in his day. it’ll be like bringing back the 90’s, only worse.


    A movie about a TALENTLESS FAG being played by a TALENTLESS FAG!

    This is one of the greatest casting moments in Hollywood’s life, they nailed it!

    Jesus Christ

    What has four feet and works at McDonalds?
    The rest of Nirvana.


    Except for the fact that Dave Grohl is one of the biggest rockstars on the planet. FIGURES HUH? Go listen to ICP ya juggalo fuck.

    Jesus Christ

    I lol’d. I love Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

    Jesus Christ

    Also, I grew up in Washington state so I actually really enjoy grunge. I’m sorry that my gritty humor hurts your feeli-

    OH YOU’RE TROLLING. No one can make such a stupid assumption based on a single joke. <3 Cuuuute!


    “Biggest rockstars on the planet”

    You really take for granted the word “biggest”, doncha?

    As well as “rockstar”.

    And “planet”.


    Besides Dave Grohl making millions of dollars with his band(s) Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age. His Millions of CD’s sold. Millions of fands, and the fact that the gu can play atleast 2 instruments, yeah you nailed that joke right, retard.

    Also Crist Novaselic is in some elected office in Washington State. Yep, being in Nirvana ruined both of their lives.


    Thousands of bands make millions, have side projects, are multi-talented, and fortunately for them, they didn’t have anything to do with Nirvana.


    If I thought Robert Pattinson was gonna play my in a movie, I’d shoot myself in the head!


    The dude openly said that he hates vagina. Doesn’t deserve that good of a role. I wouldn’t piss on R-Patz if he was on fire.


    He’s allowed to hate vaginas. I don’t see how that would make him a bad person.


    The BIG problem I see about this movie is actually seeing it. I’ll go there, and all the damn Twilight fans will be sitting there, cheering every time he comes onto the screen.


    I could see this.



    Dj. DreamStar

    if this happens we probably gonna see a Kurt cobain zombie in the near future

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