Darth Vader Visiting The Memorial

Darth.jpg (317 KB)

I wonder how many he killed with the force choke?

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    this is kinda offensive


    The FISWA (Fallen Imperial Soldiers’ Widows Association) would disagree with you.


    You have shit sensibilities.


    Sorry nate, gotta disagree. It is a rather well done parody of a beautiful work of art. I’ll save my offended outrage for those so called christian fucks that go around protesting at our soldiers funerals.


    It’s could be offensive if you think that the artist is mocking.
    I choose not to – I like this image.


    I think it’s supposed to be those who have fallen in the destruction of the first death star. Couldn’t be after the destruction of the second one as darth himself wasn’t around after that one. However this memorial features the TB (Biker Scout) which only made an appearence in ROTJ. It’s safe to assume they existed before i guess, anyway i like the image and i like the fact it has a Biker Scout on it as that is what i troop as.


    Barcrest: Are you part of the 501st? I’m very interested in joining, but would need some help putting together a proper uniform.

    And as you noted, Biker scouts wen’t seen before RotJ,but then, there was not really a world shown in the movies were they would have been appropriate

    This movie relates to this post very well.

    Maxwell Edison

    I would venture to say that perhaps the Forest Moon of Endor wasn’t the most appropriate world for them, either. The speed those bikes can go, and the number of obstacles preventing visibility…

    Well, I wouldn’t insure them for that planet, is all I’m saying.

    fracked again

    The flag is a good detail.


    This is offensive.
    And all of you except natedog need to pursue the companionship of a woman instead of jacking off to star wars.


    I make my woman dress like a Twi’lek & dance for me, so I get the best of both worlds. I am sorry that you had to choose one or the other. Your life is sad.

    And this is an artist representation. It tasteful, as a U.S. Veteran, I approve.


    Never Forget…


    Doesn’t actually make sense… Sith philosophy would kinda preclude Darth giving a rats ass, wouldn’t it?


    Not really. The jedi originally taught that they should try and avoid attachment. The sith, on the other hand, were ok with emotion. That includes compassion and such, since they can use their emotions to enhance their Force powers.


    As we saw with Anakin, if anything the Sith should be more touched by the death of a friend than the Jedi. The Jedi simply get over it — the Sith curse at the stars and swear revenge. It’s all in their philosophies.


    Most generic Sith are all evil simply because anger and hate are the strongest and easiest emotions to channel the force with.


    Correct, and remember, that many of the generic evil force users we see are not Sith, or trained in the Sith philosophy, but are fallen Jedi, Evil force users. Indeed very few after Bane were actually Sith.


    I don’t care for it then again, I just posted a photo of a guy getting a fist up his ass…


    OK Tempus, you are looking at the Force from the perspective of the new, extremely shitty films. RedLetterMedia on YouTube has already pointed out how illogical the emotionless nonsense is for the Jedi in those movies. In the ORIGINAL series, which are the only ones worth discussing, Ben talked about Anakin being a “good friend.” Bad emotions, like fear and anger, are what Jedi avoid and Sith adore. Don’t discuss the new films around me or I will punch you in the face.
    And Macio, plenty of us chicks love Star Wars as much, if not more, than the guys. Non-Star Wars fans, of either gender, are rare. And stupid.

    tiki god

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    Crossposted from SU:

    So if a fictional scene is fictional, it’s “funny”, but if it transgresses our boundaries of historical conception and tries to portray something that is realistic, it’s “offensive”? It would seem like our perception of Vader as evil is so ingrained in everyday society is so persistent that if we replaced this scene with Rebel troops, people would no longer find it as offensive – simply because we identify with the other side? I like this and the social commentary it generates.


    I’m sorry, but this image just doesn’t strike me as “funny”. If anything, it tugs at the heart a little. Keep in mind Vader actually cared about the men under his command. Not the officers; those he didn’t care about in the least. but the noncoms, the privates, the unamed, faceless masses? Those me he genuinely respected and so missed when they fell in battle. This is not offensive in the least, nor is it funny. Simply poignant.


    I thought storm troopers were all clones, so wouldn’t the memorial be all numbers or the same name, it looks like they are all different names on it which doesn’t make much sence




    Stormtroopers were not clones.

    Clones were to unreliable. Storm troopers were conscripts & volunteers trained on Academy of Carida.


    (Hurray, a chance to brush up on my Aurebesh! It’s always fun when a mostly useless skill comes in handy…)

    Actually, based on the names on the memorial, they may well have been clones, of 12 different people. There are 12 names listed, repeating:

    Melanie Galloway
    Thelma Woods
    Katehrine [presumably Katherine] Walker
    Ron Buchanan
    Kensey Kelley
    Katie Johnson

    Charles Hargrove
    Jill Kelley
    Peter Cushing
    Wiliem Black
    Bill Liles
    Jiggs Welker

    I’m amused to see Peter Cushing (the actor who played Grand Moff Tarkin, who did indeed perish on the Death Star) on there, though I don’t recognize any of the other names. Anyone else know who they might be referencing?


    Hey guys, I am the artist of this piece. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to enjoy my work. If you would like to see more please check out my gallery: wil-woods.deviantart.com

    mark thomas lambert

    wouldn’t this image suggest the siths and the empire took won in the end…. still an awesome image…

    / www.markthomaslambert.co.uk for illustration/designs/t shirts/prints

    Saipan Sam

    Dumb ass… I am from that era. Brave men fought valiantly in the face of a skilled and implacable enemy. On the home front soldiers and marines faced an apathetic or hateful population

    The Wall is a place of healing… not some tribute to Hollywood bullshit

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