incarcerated americans 1920-2006

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    I feel this increase can be directly linked to two possibly more factors. One is the overly PC-ness of the American society in the way children are raised. The saying, “Spare the rod, SPOIL the child” (and get them ready for a life in prison)has never been more true. More could be said on this topic but I think I’ll leave it to the reast of you to add more. Another factor is the addition of better police practices across the country as a whole. Say what you want as I’m ready for the flaming. Finally, the increase of prison… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Its the war on drugs, stupid. There are more drug arrests each year than all violent crimes combined. Marijuana alone accounted for 847,864 arrests in 2008. 89% were charged with possession only.




    Yup. This^^^
    …and it’s stupid.


    DING DING DING!!! We have a Winner.

    If you do the research, the rise in incarcerations is linked directly to the “war on drugs” and the initialization of “mandatory minimum sentencing”.

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t get incarcerated, like the picture states…

    Are you really that retarded???? What do you think “arrested” means? It means you get cuffed, put in a car and taken to jail to await a hearing. In other words: incarcerated.


    I’m guessing he was thinking incinerated. On purpose? Who knows? *shrug*

    Jesus Christ

    … And DNA proving people are guilty in other non-drug related crimes as well.


    I disagree, vehemently.


    Wow. That is a huge surplus of criminals.

    I wonder if they could be refined into some kind of bio-diesel.


    No, we just send them into politics


    Fuck that, DEATH RACE!!!


    That works too.


    I think the increase was women getting out of the home and going off to work.


    It should be Incinerated.

    Keep the scumbags off the streets and the jail cells clean.


    I wonder what the statistic is per capita. Because sure there’s a lot more prisoners, but there’s also a lot more people.


    The percentage is also increasing, I believe. Last I heard we had over 3 percent of ourselves locked up and it’s likely higher now.
    Oh look:

    Bill Carson

    Note that the meteoric rise of the prison population coincides with the release of Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album in August of 1979. Mere coincidence? I think not!


    Thank you Mr. Reagan! Quintupling our prison population by incarcerating drug users has TOTALLY eliminated crime and vice! You were so wise, I can totally see why the right-wing still worships you.


    Nixon started the Drug war, using it partly as a distraction for his illegal Pacific war activities, and doubling it up as a money machine. Evil man.

    He even asked a Columbian drug lord to help him in his war in exchange for a infinite cocaine market in america. shows how much he cared.


    A more useful chart would be the percentage of US population incarcerated. I don’t know if this chart adjusts for increase in population over time.


    also, damn mexicans


    Fixes nothing.


    Video games.
    That shit started eating our brains way back in the day. Drugs were just a coping mechanism for all the stress caused by pacman, missile command and pitfall.


    frogurtx The chart shows actual numbers of people, therefore is not and does not need to be adjusted for increase in population. It just means you have to do some extra work to get to what you want to see. According to this chart in 1980, the time that drug laws and mandatory sentencing got started, there were slightly less than 0.5 million people incarcerated, and in 2006, that number has jumped to almost 2.5 million. About a 500% increase. Compare that with the 1980 population of about 226 million vs 298 million in 2006, only a 30% jump. About… Read more »


    To all in jail: Stop doing bad shit you stupid fucks.

    Thank you. That is all.

    Tiggle Bitties

    for some stupid fucks bad shit is all they know how to do. otherwise they end up like…

    you know who, eh?


    If you really want to see a starteling statistic, check how many of the above listed prisoners are black. *Note* Me pointing that out does not automaticly make me a racist, it does prove which members of our society are more likely to be involved in crime.

    Makes you wonder what Dr. King would say about the dream coming true in America?


    That we are very neglectful of our poverty. They have to make ends meet and if that includes gang activity, its life.