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sim road island.JPG (138 KB)

I know MCS doesn’t favor screen caps but WTF is this.
I am DRUNK and this still screams “Sim City” there isn’t
a reflection for the pickup truck! Is this for real!?
Damn I hope that photo looks real when I wake up.
I call BS and say fake in the meantime.

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    why would there be a reflection for the truck? it stands out of the water maybe two feet? everything else has a reflection


    You amuse me, good sir.


    What the fuck have you been drinking?
    -There’s been a flood!
    -Okay, you know what to do Bob, photoshop a car.
    -Already done. We can now deceive the masses…


    It’s pretty simple, actually. You see, Rhode Island has been turned into Rhode Sandbar, since it’s pretty much underwater/sinking.

    casemods UID# 667

    No oldfags posted in this thread – I’m ok with this


    There are no oldfags, only casefags.


    don’t forget slowcase (of a gang-raped child)


    Lemme guess, WaltherKid, you go to and complain that lizards hang out at your bedroom window, studying you in order to manipulate you into doing their bidding, becoming a successful politician and advocate for them in Congress so that the lizard people can once again rule (or ruin) the world.

    That and you love making shit up.


    thanks for sauce


    Haha, Walther, you crazy kid.


    It’s MSNBC, shall i say any more?


    Here’s the thing: The trailers and all the other stuff reflect on the water because they are perpendicular to it. The truck’s hood is parallel to the water and can’t cast a reflection.

    But don’t take my word for it… try it yourself. Go out to a pool or a lake or a big puddle with two pieces of plywood. Stand one up in the water. Note the reflection. Float the other one on top of the water. Note the lack of reflection. Go home and STFU.


    You just made that eight million times more complicated than it really is. Saying its parallel is just trying to make yourself sound smart, but really its annoying and pointless. There will be a reflection, but of the sides. The top of the plywood cant reflect because there’s no way to see the top of the plywood from the water’s surface. In other words, there’s no light from the top of the plywood that can be seen reflected off of the water, but there is from the sides. But it has nothing to do with being “parallel to the water.”… Read more »