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Have you ever?
Tried it with a friend. Asked, “Who killed Brian?”
It spelled out NOONE.
The thing sure seemed to move on its own.
Police report later said it was suicide.

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    it was wrong.

    brian was the killer


    Never tried it. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. But I do believe in the supernatural, spirits and shit like that. Their may be no hell, but there sure is an absolute evil.


    How can you be so sure. How does one go about measuring evil? Oh wait let me just grab my evil-o-meter real quick. And I’m not saying it can’t exist because we can’t measure it but there is no system that could even scientifically describe “evil.” I think nyokki said this somewhere, nothing can exist outside of nature therefore everything is natural, even the unnatural. Let’s take a virus for example, it kills people but has no motif or conscience, I’m sure you agree. Now if you take a murderer, who may appear to have no motif which would lead… Read more »


    Just saying evil is possibly innate in nature itself. Doesn’t have to be scientifically proven. Just like people of faith believe in their god or gods without any scientific proof.


    Possibly, but we don’t consider hurricanes to be “evil”. The only things to which we attach “evil” to is to other people. People can be evil, but nature isn’t as people have free will.


    So are you saying people are not a part of nature? And how exactly do you think “free will” works out, because a scientist would tell you that you have no control over the chemicals in your brain whatsoever. That your environment and the people around you form you from birth, which you obviously can’t control either and that every “decision” you make is an effect of everything that happened to you prior to that, not some magical centre in your brain that magically lets you choose what to do without being affected by the laws of physics.


    Well then in that case what I wrote was just a produce of chemicals and not actually conveying ideas as chemicals don’t have mental processes; same with what you wrote, and therefore we are not talking but just playing out extremely complex chemical reactions, and not exchanging immaterial ideas.

    So why bother arguing with me? You can’t affect the chemical reactions going on in my brain.

    fracked again

    I wouldn’t say evil is innate in nature, but that nature is indifferently cruel.


    Sounds about right.


    But you make fun of people who believe in god all the time, Puulaahi.


    The guy who made the Ouija board had his own. His Ouija board told him to increase production of the boards. Not one to question his Ouija board, he did. World War I broke out a month later and Ouija boards were selling out because people wanted to talk to deceased soldiers and loved ones.


    I love Ouija boards just because it’s pronounced like “Weegee”


    i tried to ouiji with a squeegee and i got the heebie jeebies


    the “comments” section on this particular post appears to be buggy (dissapearing), hmm…..hmm….

    fracked again

    Ah, Ouija, was there ever a better mingling of the ideomotor effect and clever kids moving the pointer on purpose?

    casemods UID# 667

    This one time, we were at a party, and we found that this girl was raped in the bathroom.

    We don’t know how it worked but it did.

    Maxwell Edison

    Ouija board Would you work for me ? I have got to say Hello To an old friend Ouija board, ouija board, ouija board Would you work for me ? I have got to get through To a good friend Well, she has now gone From this Unhappy Planet With all the carnivores And the destructors of it Ouija board, ouija board, ouija board Would you help me ? Because I still do feel So horribly lonely Would you, ouija board Would you, ouija board Would you help me ? And I just can’t find My place in this world… Read more »


    Did it once in college. It said I was going to die in 2010, then my friend got sick, other friends freaked and tried to burn the thing, it wouldn’t burn but one of their sweaters did, then they dosed it with lighter fluid, went up in flames. When it was all over the friend that was sick jumped up, laughed, and called us dumbasses. He was puching it the whole time.


    My friend was skeptical to join in one time. So we made him think of a color. Then we asked the board. He stood there and watched and you could see him get pale as the board spelled out y-e-l-l-o-w. I know I wasn’t thinkin’ that he’d be thinking that, but dude looked scared as hell. I think we stopped then.