HK USP Compact Tactical .45 ACP

HK_USP-CT.jpg (1 MB)

I’m in the market for a new handgun. Here’s a picture of a HK USP Compact Tactical .45 ACP with a SureFire weaponlight. I live in California so everything cool is pretty much illegal so I’m only considering .40 or up for the stopping power. Suggestions?

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    FN 45 Tactical…HK makes a fine firearm, but FN just seems to do them one better. Especially with the built in holo-sight. 🙂

    Of course, there IS a standard version of this pistol, the FNP-45, and its just as nice, but not as tacticool.

    Of course, there IS also the Para-Ord Super Hawg…can’t say enough about these…shot a few and they are just amazing. 🙂

    Me? I have a 1911 and a Beretta 92FS Inox with CT’s so I have stopping power and capacity if I need it.


    Ask /k/


    the best choice for zombie killing sprees


    I like the Sig P239 chambered in .40 for concealed carry, myself.


    Springfield XD-M 3.8 in .40S&W is my concealed carry weapon of choice fall-through-spring; it’s hard to bitch about 16+1 rounds and the weapon is still easier to hide on my person than a 1911 or USP. (Side note, I use a Walther PPS in .40S&W in the summer, only 7+1, but so tiny I can conceal it whilst wearing nothing but a pair of cargo shorts.)

    Although I do have to wonder: living in the Peoples’ Republic of California, does concealed carry-ability even matter to you?


    I Want that PPS, but as you say, CA in not very friendly with firearms. The reason the PPS will not fly in CA, is as of 2006 all new firearms being approved for sale in CA must have a magazine disconnect. As the PPS does not have one, and Walther will most likely never make a CA version, i’ll never have the pleasure of owning one here. Any gun without a mag disconnect that was approved prior to 2006 can still be sold in CA, like my Walther P99’s. It’s a stupid rule to take away our rights. As… Read more »


    Also was going to say XD-M, plus it’s half the price of an USP.


    pew pew pew


    This is pretty much how I feel when I am in a gun thread.




    I have a USP full size 40 myself. Don’t really enjoy all that much. If you wish to stay in compact size. Try to find Steyr M40A1. Or wait for PPT with someone for an upgrade of your USP to HK45.


    I swear by my SIG 220. 8 shots of .45 ACP, 10 round extended mag available. If you want a gun that looks cool tool, get the 10 round mag and the X300 weapon light, suddenly it looks like you should be hunting cyborgs with it.


    Aight Duck, a few suggestions for you. There are many good quality handguns on the market, the question is which one works best for you. Do you prefer to have addition safeties on the firearm like a deckocker to prevent an N.D.? Or do you prefer the main safety to be your own trigger finger like a glock? You should be able to easily release the magazine with your gun hand whilst your drawing your next mag from your mag holster for a good speed reload or tactical reload. Sometimes I find people purchase handguns with a frame so large… Read more »


    its not the size of the round that matters its the velocity. get yourself a five seven
    it can rip through a Kevlar vest with ease and weighs less than a glock 9mm. what else do you need?


    The problem with that is only the 5.7mm FMJ can do that and civilians can only purchase 5.7mm JHP.


    Point taken… HA!


    “The SS190 and similar 5.7x28mm projectiles have been shown to turn base over point (“tumble”) in testing in ballistic gelatin and other media, using the 21.6 mm (.850 in) projectile length to create a larger wound cavity”
    The hollow points wont go through body armor but they sure will fuck you up.


    I have never found the stopping power of the JHP to be anything less than satisfactory. I can think of some cockamamee (I’m not sure that word has a correct spelling) hypothetical situation about being in a held-up bank with fully armored robbers who are dumb enough for me to want to put the rest of the patrons into the middle of a firefight, but really I’m not worried about piercing kevlar vests. Kevlar doesn’t make getting hit pleasant and I’ll get the second shot off on the guy I’m really worried about being up against.


    I personally own the SpringField XD chambered for .40 and I absolutely love it. As a cop I am forced to carry a Glock .22 also chambered for .40 as my duty weapon, but if I was given a choice I would go with the SpringField in a heartbeat. If you live in CA you should be good to go with the SF. It has the built in accessory rail and you can hang almost anything you want off of it. Never having shot the USP you linked above I can’t give you a comparison. However I can tell you… Read more »




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