Tiki Bought A BiPod

I purchased a scope a few months ago, finally got to test it out 2 week ago, and I found that I couldn’t hold it in my arms steady enough to actually sight it in.


edited to say:

thanks to WaltherKid (UID#2507) I have something new to try down at the range, perhaps I’ll have fingers that don’t hurt so much after a range day.

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    1. natedog says:

      make sure you exhale while you squeeze the trigger

    2. WaltherKid says:

      A Saiga eh? Got me a Saiga-12 but haven’t had the chance to play with it yet. Can’t help but remember the old “SEGA” commercials. I liked how they said “SEGA” like they were on speed.

    3. Theo11 says:

      Don’t release your finger right after you fire. Keep it squezed down on the trigger and enjoy the smell of gunpowder. Then release your finger. This will prevent minor movement that could disrupt the path of the bullet as it exits the muzzle.

      • Luke Magnifico says:

        I’m pretty sure Tiki knows how to fire his own goddam gun.

        • WaltherKid says:

          Every other weekend we teach people who really have no clue how to fire their own gun, even if they don’t know it. Slowly release the trigger till ya feel the “click”. Thats your trigger reset, and do not need to let the trigger travel any further forward. It’s ready to go for the next shot.

          • tiki god says:

            my saiga doesn’t have any “clicking” on it. sorry bud

            • WaltherKid says:

              Thats probably because (and i did fail to mention this) after you have pulled the trigger back, you need to rack it before you slowly let the trigger back forward. Otherwise is remains “uncocked”. So again, rack it, pull the trigger (hear the click provided you didnt actually load the gun) and keep the trigger down, rack it again, then slowly let it forward. I just did that with the saiga-12, its definitely there. you can do the same test with all your firearms. We teach this primarily for pistol so the shooter avoids “slapping the trigger” to improve grouping for a fast rate of fire.

            • tiki god says:

              oh dude, you totally schooled me on that, I thought you were talking about how some rifles have a slight click right before the round is fired off.

              bonus points and mcs+ for you sir.

            • nyoki says:

              Welcome to the privileged few.

            • WaltherKid says:

              much obliged fellows

      • tiki god says:

        oh man, if I did that, I would break my finger. the trigger system that I’m using right now had a serious kick to it, it doesn’t release from the assembly like you’re assuming

    4. FlyingMantisShrimp says:

      Mmm. Unsolicited advice from experts on the Internet. Ain’t it great?

      • natedog says:

        I was actually trained by the US Army on how to fire a weapon, and the very firsgt time I fired for record on my BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) training, I scored a 37/40, good enough to qualify Expert on the M-16A2.

        and exhaling on the trigger pull helped me hit timed targets at 300 meters (where a man appears to be about a 1/2 inch tall).

        when I was 15, I fired at an apple floating down a creek at about 50 meters. when I was 12, I shot a little birdy on a phone line from about 30 meters with a BB gun. I only mention that because the thing locked up and hung upside down dead on the wire for a minute hike we laughed at it. then it fell and when I saw it up close, I cried like a bitch and buried it. D:

    5. madhouses visites says:

      Did the bird have eggs in it’s nest that you took home and cared for by using your mums good extension chord to hook up a heat lamp in your tree house only to discover that when the eggs hatched they were in fact eggs for an aggressive reptile that the local bird watcher society tried to kill but your mother couldn’t let them kill your pets so she helped you escape only for the bird watching society members, in particular the principal of your primary school, catching you on the roof of a building where, during a struggle for the shoe box the reptiles were in, the reptiles were flung over the edge of the roof to apparent destruction BUT amazingly the reptiles had wings which enabled them to float safely to the ground and you ended up getting rewarded by the mayor for the reptiles decimating the local pigeon population?

    6. DMYTRIW WDS says:

      you’re presenting a pretty big target with the bipod and scope, but as long as the zombies you’re plinking can’t shoot back you’re OK.

    7. ahh first kill is sweet (8y/o), i remember it vividly, it was a snow bunny… i shot for its head… it fell on its side and ran in circles like a top. when it finally stopped kicking i went and picked it up, the shot had gone in one ear and out the other. *tear

      now my brother’s (m!nty) first kill (21y/o), that was a site to behold. deer running at full sprint at about 150 yards, he drops to a knee, pauses, shoots… deer doesn’t take another step, antlers go straight down into the plowed field, it flips ass over head. we never found the heart.

      both kills in south dakota

    8. Theo11 says:

      My first kill was a robin… in flight… with a red rider. I felt so bad… and badass. I mean, I shot it out of the air. With a freakin BB. But then it flopped around and my dad made me wring its neck.

    9. Cmon tiki This is like the equivalent to a car that can drag race, but can’t turn for shit.

      Use this thing on some gangsters in your city – they are practically wanting to be targets the way they dress

    10. hvymetal86 says:

      I just recently bought myself a TT-33 Tokarev Pistol 😀 I love shooting guns!

    11. db_tanker says:

      I don’t know what all you have done to your Saiga, tiki. But what it sounds like you need to do is take care of the “trigger slap”.

      I have a Romanian CUR2 (AK-74 variant) and had a similar issue. US fire control groups have this problem. It isn’t just in Saiga’s or Romaks or Norinco’s. Instead of going through the fix for this just go search around on the web for it. All you really need to do is take a dremel tool and cut off a lug on the hammer. It won’t affect the safe operation on the rifle. I have a bit over 3000 rounds in my CUR2 post trigger work and hasn’t had a single issue.

      Otherwise it is a VERY nice rifle…closest thing you will ever get to a true-blue Russian AK without a Class III or a tax-stamp.


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