Is this a real game

chess.JPG (335 KB)

If so; where can I get the rules?

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    i think you make them up as you go along

    Maxwell Edison

    He thinks he’s making a joke about how gamers would make chess into a fantasy RPG if they could.

    Guess what. They did.

    I have it. It’s pretty neat, but I suck at chess, so I haven’t played it.

    Maxwell Edison

    Doh. Noob.


    I don’t have much faith in this. The only Steve Jackson game I like is Car Wars


    Knightmare Chess is fucking awesome. Their card games are better than their RPGs.

    (Well, their RPGs sometimes have some fantastic research done for them, but the mechanics are usually awful.)


    I would imagine it’s a lot like Calvinball, where you make up 90% of the rules as you go. Very entertaining.

    Jesus Christ

    I miss playing D&D.


    I’ve played 2Ed, 3Ed, 3.5Ed, and 4Ed. …I like 2Ed the most, oddly enough.


    I miss humpin yoour momma

    no wait I don’t i humper her last night

    sloooooooooow burnnnnnn


    Wow….Epic Nerdiness ! Luv it.


    Eh. I was tired of Wizards putting out a new book every three weeks that was more over-powered than the one before it.

    Maxwell Edison

    Well, the stuff they’re talking about isn’t in it, but Knightmare Chess is kind of like Magic: the Gathering played on a chess board. It’s all cards that let you do weird things.