How to end childhood obesity

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This would work.

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    took me a minute, but i got it


    Now you’ve got me wondering if I’m missing something.




    Not a bad idea, but let me make another point: I am a parent of a 1 yr. old daughter and as such I monitor her diet. She does not drink soda, she does not eat french fries, and she has not had any candy yet. I watch the amount of sweets she takes in, and makes sure she is getting plenty of whole wheats, milk, veggies, etc. Americas weight problem in children comes from a lack of parenting. Same thing for juvenile criminal activity, and distinct lack of education. If the parents were parenting and not letting TV raise… Read more »

    Jesus Christ

    I upped this before I read the last sentence. Then I just thought you were an arrogant cunt.

    madhouses visites

    same here

    Jesus Christ


    Kik Dogg

    As an illiterate drug-addicted prostitute, who just stole your neighbor’s kid’s TV to buy crack, I take issue with your comment.

    I voted for Palin.


    The substance of your comment is 100% dead-on. I spent a goodly chunk of my life working with at-risk youth, and the one common factor – more than money, race, neighborhood, school district, or perceived intelligence – was lazy-ass, worthless, you-gotta-be-kidding-me parents.

    Whose party affiliation – I would venture – crossed the political spectrum.

    Luke Magnifico

    Generally the children who grow up to be druggies, criminals and prostitutes are the poor who can’t afford candy and are therefore thin.

    Kik Dogg

    Good point, Luke. If those poor kids had enough money to get fat on candy and bacon, they would never have to steal to buy their drugs. They would be able to afford the Cocaine Diet after they hit puberty like the Beverly Hills kids. Or wait, that would mean they get fat. But wait. Nobody pays for fat chicks. So : fat chicks\= no prostitute. Poor chicks/ no candy this is all very confusing NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!!!! thin chicks /=no candy. Koi Prostitution would not happen for fat/candy kids. This is very confusing. Thx luke rich kids=… Read more »


    Oh man if you’re correlating fat with obama voters I gotta tell ya about my last trip through middle America and certain bumper-sticker correlations I noticed.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You said a negative about Oboomer.

    You are a fascist and should be silenced.

    This is what leftists actually believe.


    re: the last sentence.
    you know, not everyone is going to recognize you were being sarcastic.


    (jonblaze’s last sentence, that is)


    Luke, candy is cheaper than fruit or veggies. Lower income people tend to be fatter than middle or upper income people in the US.


    Shit, I need me some OJ NOW.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I ate all the stuff growing up and wasn’t a fatass. Because I exercised. Kids are fat because people turned into pussies. That’s also the reason kids are turning to drugs. There’s no consequence to being a fat retard. Nobody is allowed to pick on them for it and their fatass parents validate it by blaming faceless companies. Its everyone’s fault but the kid him/herself. When in fact its every kids own responsibility to work off what they eat and be smart enough to know that meth etc is not a good thing to try. The only way its the… Read more »


    and then there’s the issue of what is fat and what is not fat.
    I am so god damned tired of hearing skinny-bitches complain to each other about how fat they are all the time.
    you are not fat. you are a size six.


    Yeah, I love the “I’m so fat. I need to lose 5 lbs by Saturday for my big date.” I have zero sympathy for those that think they need to lose 5 lbs, when in fact, they need to gain 10 lbs.


    does the N or the “arch” stand for black people?


    lulz it’s funny that I find boxed cereal, canned spinach, and not fresh-squeezed orange juice to be unhealthy. Not that I’m not having two of them right now… I love me some preservatives, man.

    They still ARE better than fast food, candy, and soda, though.