Ultamite Gamer IQ test

Hardcore_Gamer__s_IQ_Test_by_shadow502t.jpg (3 MB)

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    WTF is a gibbed corpse?


    Not much of a Team Fortress2 player, are you?


    I can name at least 7 of these! No, wait. 5.


    Hey, guys, check out all this cool shit I Google Image Searched! Don’t forget to stare at it for hours hunting pixels that I randomly threw together!


    i’m a little sad that it was ezio and not altair

    and Malin of KOF2k3 is .. not the most recognizable of the franchise..


    oh wow, he was right underneath..

    good hiding skills


    The big green one is hulk and the lion is narnia.


    I can name quite a few, but all those generic space-marines look alike to me.


    Ha, I probably got 80 percent, at least the games they were from… does it count if you can only guess the games they’re from?


    By the way, the two games that never came out are Starcraft Ghost and Duke Nukem Forever. The character that stars in the most games is *probably* Mario. There are quite a few that have represented their console… Mario and Luigi, Sonic, Master Chief, Gordon and Alyx, maybe the Doom Marine, maybe Kratos etc… Oldest game is possibly Pitfall. The gibbed corpse is right down in the bottom right hand corner, he died at the hands of the Doom Marine, and I believe it is [was] a zombie. =3

    Anyone get the ones I didn’t?


    1st thing that strikes me is how similar so many of them look, like Pandora said, its the space marine sindrome. Anyway, i saw Roger Wilco there!! Made my day XD


    ..also, 50 cent? Thats an insult to the whole video game community! Dont put tht sh1t there!! wtf????


    I’m not sure about the villain one. I saw Carmen San Diego and the dog from Duck Hunt.


    The pac man ghost would be a villain. There is also a baby from Sega;s AXE Man. And I saw 1 Star Wars Lego, and Vader from the Forced unleashed; but nothing from X-wing or TIE Fighter;

    NOTHING from Dark Force? added features to the first-person shooter genre which were uncommon at the time of release. These features include level designs with multiple floors and being able to look in all directions.

    Nothing from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
    Nothing from Jedi Knight II: Dark Forces III

    And so on? Nothing from the NES Star Wars games


    I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE Going approx left to right, using only memory and no other references, leaving out names and games that I don’t know: Row 1 Patapon Alone in the Dark S.V.E.R from MAG Optimus Prime Street Fighter Riddick Jax from Mortal Kombat (II?) L4D2 Dark Void Yakuza Viewtiful Joe Nero from Devil May Cry IV Girl protagonist from Devil May Cry 2 Fallout 3 bobblehead beside her leg That f&*%ing DOG FROM DUCKHUNT HE MUST DIE DIE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Red Dead Redemption Beyond Good and Evil Counter-Terrorist from Counter Strike Rorschach, from Watchmen Fallout 3 bobblehead next to his… Read more »