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Lake Champagne, Lackawanna County.
Looking southwest from Pine Hill (elevation approximately 2265 feet [690 meters]), Lackawanna State Forest, Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties.
Rainbows and departing storm clouds, Minsi Lake, Northampton County
Quakertown, Pennsylvania was once known as “Great Swamp.”
Pittsburgh at Night – from Mt. Washington
CSX Transportation GE C40-8 7633

Waterfall on The Appalachian Trail in The Delaware River Water Gap Park
Bender Swamp, Tobyhanna State Park, Monroe County.
nature trail at Wildwood Lake in Harrisburg
Ganoga Falls. One of over 20 waterfalls at Ricketts Glen State Park. Ganoga is the highest. 94 feet

all photos found on www.earthalbum.com/

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    Luke Magnifico

    But why

    Are you trying to make a point here?

    Nature must be destroyed?


    Ooooo. 4 and 9. New walls. Thankies.


    7 – unimpressed cat is unimpressed.


    I love these photos.


    I have never seen a modern train belch fire like that…


    That cat looks about how I feel. That is, if that cat does in fact look properly fucked up, and it’s not my imagination. I’m starting to regret getting that auto-correct addon for Firefox though, it makes my drunk posting entirely too articulate for my liking.


    Wait. Can you be articulate when writing? Isn’t it just a talking thing?


    Apparently articulate is a valid term to use with regards to the written word. However, “a talking thing” does not remotely qualify as articulate. Asshole.


    Extremely beautiful but why do photographers always shoot waterfalls with long exposure or whatever the hell it is that makes water look like that? I think waterfalls are more pretty when photoed more like the human eye sees them.