Saran wrapped at work

saranwrappedatwork2.JPG (427 KB)

saranwrappedatwork1.JPG (356 KB)

My boyfriend sent me these pictures from the parking lot at his work. No idea who or why someone did this, or who the victim was.

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    I don’t understand why the young people with the facebooks call this music. All it is is talking over stolen samples if you ask me.

    And so disrespectful to ladies. When I was young if you held a girl’s hand before marriage her father would chop your pecker off. None of this “hoes in the club” nonsense.


    Did I miss something or did Caio post on the wrong picture?


    i did this to a coworker years ago- except we did a better job. i also covered a car in woodgrain kitchen shelf contact paper. made a Dodge Colt into a WOODIE! LOL


    Probably because the asshole parked in the visitors spot.


    Its not saran wrap its SPIDER WEBS! They’re coming out of the Mist!