Concept Truck

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    Luke Magnifico

    You could pull so many bitches in that thing.

    Then tie them up and stow them in the back, ’til you can sell them on.

    casemods UID# 667

    That truck is badass. And not just because my dad and I are GMC enthusiasts.

    fracked again

    Your dad might be, but you are a stolen girl’s bike enthusiast.


    is it the bike that is stolen, or the girl? Or maybe my hangover hasn’t worn off enough!


    Now exactly what concept are they going for?


    Mobil living/mobil research lab. A displaced populace could “pick up and go” if needed. It’s an interesting idea in case of a disaster.
    I don’t know how practical it will be.


    Apocalypse Survival Instructions
    1. Find spray paint.
    2. Find disaster RV.
    3. Apply spray paint to windshield.
    4. Leisurely break into RV.
    5. Help yourself to survival provisions, or if you’re a zombie, to inhabitants.


    This is the thing I don’t get about concept vehicles. They come up with something as amazingly badass as this thing, which anyone with at least one testicle would be like, “Fuck yeah I’ma buy the shit outta that!” But then they never make them. They put slightly different headlights in a Sierra and try to sell it to us as a consolation prize. Fuck. That. Gimmie my badass van of possiblerobotindisguiseness, or I’m gonna go buy me some Asian shit that looks just as shit as your shitty Sierra but at least has better odds of being a robot.… Read more »


    Beat that Atkinson


    and it looks… like it could transform into a fucking toaster!


    The future is so friggin AWESOMEness! Yay 4 the future! WoOt!

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