Big guinea pig

P1180090.JPG (2 MB)

P1140229.JPG (2 MB)

Everyone likes these pictures of me.

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    Skeptical capybara is skeptical.


    I thought is was one of those “Rodents of unusual size” from the fire swamp…


    Sub-Genus: ROUS Hydrochoerus
    Species: H. hydrochaeris


    In the second picture we find that the capybara is natures snob, his large nose having evolved as such to give the maximum level of snootiness.


    first pic, repoasty repoast
    second pic, priceless..


    that’s not a guinea pig, it’s a tapir.


    Witness Agnes the Pudu
    A miniature deer from Perudu
    She’s always in a good moodu
    ‘Cause she knows more than youdu


    Or mebbe a Mouser from TNMT




    Or mebbe a Mouser from TMNT

    Numero 41

    no es un cerdo de guinea es un CHIGÜIRO.


    That first one HAS to be a shop. I can only think of two explinations for it, otherwise.

    1) that’s a REALLY small bath tub

    2) that thing is just waiting for puberty so it can be a teenage mutant ninja…thing.

    The size of it is just…mind boggling. It could be the camera closeness/angle, but…damn, that thing looks huge.

    Numero 41

    it’s 100% real, it’s just a chigüiro…


    I have pics of a couple of them at the DC Zoo.


    It’s a shoop. Look at the paws and how they interact with the tub edge beneath them (as in, they don’t).


    well i’ll be damned, hombre is correct. google image search chigüiro


    Is a chiguiro the same thing as a capybara? Because that critter up there is a capybara.

    teezy weezy

    capybara is a chigüiro in non ethnic language.

    Numero 41

    yes, they’re the same animal, but no one calls them capybara here in Colombia

    (their meat is very tasty…)


    Very many years ago, The Bolivians were starving so, They had rats as big as ponies there. They asked the Pope to declare them fish. We thank the Pope for granting us this wish. When Friday comes, we’ll all call rats fish. We catch them with a net, kill with the gun. We’ll call it all forgotten when we’re done. They didn’t look like rats at all, But like some horrendous horse doll. Still they had to eat this thing. In gratitude, the Pope-they kissed his ring. We thank the Pope for granting us this wish. When Friday comes, we’ll… Read more »


    I will call him “Speak”!