Workstations that’ll Make You Jealous

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    Luke Magnifico

    I’m not really jealous of any of these. The chair in no.3 looks mighty comfortable though.


    Gotta agree, they all either look like fell out of an Ikea catalog or are just a wall of monitors and random electronic detritus. I’m not saying that I have better, it’s just that none of these approach my idea of a “dream” workstation.


    is that a fucking tree growing through the top one?

    Luke Magnifico

    Nah, think it’s just a pillar made to look like a tree.


    No, its a piece of a tree cut from an actual tree and then used as a pillar.


    Wow. I suppressed the nitpicker in me for 3 whole days. Yay me!

    Each one of these pictures has something interesting in it, but I wouldn’t want any of them for my own workstation.


    I think I’ve got the same fan from the last one. It makes this really annoying sound when it rotates. Stupid piece of crap.


    Workstations ? Find that hard to believe


    Pic 1 and 3 not so much. Just 2 apples? Pic 4 is a workstation for sure. Pic 5 would give you neck cramps like front row seats in the movie theater.


    I like the house in #1… ditch the shitty Macs and it’d be even better.

    #5 is the only one that looks both nice and practical, and it’s pretty similar to what I already have:


    Also: those godawful fugly chairs.

    fracked again

    I wouldn’t mind some of the hardware, but jealousy? No.


    I am impressed w/ a couple of ’em, but some of the others I could do right now w/ a little re-arranging.


    Yep.#4 looks like my dream setup.


    #3 is almost exactly like mine, down to the Ikea table-desk, except instead of a monitor I have an iMac, and my MacBook Pro is a newer one. Chair is almost the same too…


    I bet there’s a big FUBAR of wires in number 4 somewhere. But they are out of site, which is something 🙂


    McS should have a day where everybody submits their own workstation.


    I think we may have done that already, or it was a forum thread. One of those.


    Nope, it was a theme day.


    Oh. Makes sense.

    Still a noob here.


    First photo is the only one that does it for me. Second one: that wallpaper fails to really take advantage of the 8 screens you have set up. I’m disappointed in you.


    Although I like the first one, it ain’t what I think of as a workstation. With all that natural light it’d be great for a studio or something, but for monitors & such it would only serve to wash out the image, even with the trees providing some shading. You could never do color matching or similar graphics work in a room like this…but hey, they’re just using a couple Mac laptops so moot point, probably.


    Only a bit jealous of 4 and 5. Although 4 still looks like a fucking mess.

    1 & 3 only have macs… fucking lame.

    2 had more screens than me but only 2 shitty dells (laptop and XPS tower) My shit is way better than that.

    4, again prolly nice hardware and a lot of stuff but way too messy/cluttered/disorganized for me.

    5, only flaw is my boxes are probably a hell of a lot better than the ones under that desk. That person doesn’t deserve those monitors, I do!

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