nobel troll prize

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    Because he never asked for the prize so it’s the academy you should blame, after looking up the noun for prove.


    I suggest to divert your anger into something creative by expressing your anger with a demotivational picture D:


    You, my love, you are why I still have faith in humanity.


    What does this even mean? Did the person who made this even speak English?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This doesn’t make sense. It isn’t using the actual motivational poster template available anywhere, he’s not a troll, and it sucks.

    Here’s a good question: who the fuck should have won it in this person’s opinion?

    Name one nobel prize winner other than jamaican funk up there.


    Jamaican? lol


    Because 12 years of required education is enough “proof” to the entire internet world that the American educational system sucks.


    Whoever made this needs a provereader.


    Epic. Win.


    His candidacy was what won him the award, for engaging jaded young voters and encouraging unity across party lines, and condemning the politics of fear. And it was also an endorsement by the committee, because Barackman undoing the Bush legacy will probably do more for world peace than anything else going on right now.


    Rofl. You actually believe that don’t you?


    I can believe it was the candidacy, but I don’t agree at all with the last part of the statement. He was nominated 11 days into office for the prize. I don’t agree with nominating someone for such a high award when they’ve not actually done anything but move in their suitcases, given the time frame. Giving a Nobel Prize on the assumption that he would undo the Bush legacy and thusly create world peace doesn’t sit well with me at all, because it’s giving that high honor on an assumption. I think it would have been much better received… Read more »


    Have you not see him chomping at the bit to do these things since before his campaign even started? If he is not a threat to those agendas, why do you think he’s been called a socialist, communist, nazi, al qaeda sympathizer, radical islamic plant, and the anti-christ


    Because your typo shows that you didn’t graduate high school.


    Anyone who complains about this is easy shorthand for me for “I don’t like to do research or even follow what I bitch about.” Yasser Arafat & Shimon Peres won in 1994. Mikhail Gorbechev won in 1990. Several years they keep the money themselves, or give it to groups like the U.N. Peacekeeping Forces, which is made up of military soldiers. Woodrow Wilson, by far one of our most racist Presidents, and the one to kick all blacks out of the White House, won in 1919. Theodore Roosevelt won in 1906. Seriously, do a little fucking research on what the… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey genius,

    You didn’t list one reason why he should have it.

    All you did was list other winners and objections other people have noted.

    easy shorthand for you?

    You’re a fucking moron.

    I mean some of those you just posted names and dates lol

    Seriously try and sue your fucking brain before you try and “educate” others on anything.

    Thanks for noting to us that the peace keepers are soldiers lol

    I bet that actually surprised you when you read. The rest of us its a little thing called common knowledge.

    Fucking hell you’re a loser.

    teezy weezy

    I are not sure you’d understand anything them white folk says.