get ouf of the car

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    Question: would it be racist on my part to assume all (if not, the majority) of those gentlemen we’re minorities?


    …and if she had actually shot them?


    “four pale men” To which pale-capable frisbee tossing minority do you refer?


    Wow. Old people can get away with assault with a deadly weapon and carjacking. LOL out loud so funnay! Not so funny for four dudes who now involuntarily cringe whenever they see an elderly woman. I don’t really see why everyone thinks that just because someone evades Darwin for 65+ years (frequently through sheer dumb luck), that gives them the right to treat everyone younger like shit. NEVER work as waitstaff in a retirement home. It is traumatic. Day after day, a dining room filled with problem customers. Some berate you over provably imagined slights, some tell lies to upper… Read more »


    Ok, but here’s the thing Saborias: it is funny because it is florida. Anywhere else it would be tragic and I’m not quite sure how to explain it any better.