Majora’s Mask Skull Kid

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    tiki god

    is this zelda?


    It’s “Link” or at least one of his forms in the many planes of existence. More than likely. But you already knew that. A few more beers it will eventually become Zelda.


    No, it’s the antagonist in the successor of Ocarina of Time. Personally my favorite game of all time.


    Yeah, totally underrated game. I still enjoy playing it from time to time.


    I know what this is, it’s the shit. And this comes from someone who is colour blind.


    really? ditto


    I’d like to take a look at that with some ChromaDepth glasses.


    It’s not Link. It’s the Skullkid wearing Majora’s Mask. If I remember correctly, you never acquire Majora’s Mask in the game. You do get the Fierce Deity mask though, which turns Young Link into an epic badass.


    Yea its A skullkid, like the ones in Ocarina in the lost forest those 2 with the flutes, its what one becomes when your lost in the lost woods for a long time

    And this one stole the Majora’s mask from that mask collector


    (Cant edit ftl)

    Loved the commercial they had for this one

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