Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Germany

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Construction of Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 and took, with interruptions, until 1880 to complete- a period of over 600 years.

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    En deutchslan du umbringen das jew.


    Hot damn.

    Cool looking structure, though.


    I’ve been inside. Crazy how big it is.


    Good thing that this required no money therefore transferring said money to people in need.

    Honestly, as beautiful as the architechture is, it really pisses me off as a Believer to see money wasted on such extravagance. Churches should be built as cheap as possible (without sacrificing safety of course) and any unspent money should be sent to charitable organizations or used to aid the less fortunate. At least that would be my philosophy for building a church. God has no use for money or large extravagant churches.

    That’s weird. As an unbeliever, I think that one of the few positive things that religion has done is support works of beauty and art that have inspired people for centuries.

    Ya I agree. At least they used to stand as monuments of what can be achieved. They’ve been surpassed since by some commercial properties in many ways but in terms of intricate architectural details you can’t beat churches.


    Agreed. Europe has some of the most awesome (its original meaning) architecture and art I’ve ever seen. St Patrick’s in NYC has much of the same appeal, though Trinity Church is my favorite.
    But, the most beautiful building I’ve been in is the Empire State building. Its art deco w/ brass and inlaid wood is stunningly beautiful. Second is prolly the main NYC post office.
    I can’t remember the architect, but in Barcelona I saw a church that appeared to be made of melted rock. Anyone know the name of it and who designed it?


    The Sagrada Familia church, by Gaudí


    Yes! Thank you.

    Well reboot you are right. For me it’s one thing if the art is made by the artist for free, as in they used their own money for their supplies and gave up their free time. I am cool with that. What pisses me off is that you have these organizations (religious or otherwise) that have charitableness or the “betterment” of mankind as part of their mission statement and they go off and spend hundreds to millions of dollars on some fucking painting or ceiling sculpture(cough UN cough). Meanwhile thousands of people are dying in some african hellhole and north… Read more »


    Silly Lotuseater, Churches aren’t built for God. They’re built to show off the fact that this ruler or that ruler has so much power, wealth and influence that they can drop a shitload of funds and workers into building a great big pointless piece of stone while still defending the boarders, keeping the peace, and letting the serfs have a marginally survivable existence. Pretty much all of the great architectural wonders of the world are really just giant stone penises sticking up in the air saying, “mine’s bigger, so there!”


    Er, I didn’t mean all churches, I meant all extravagently over-built churches. I’ve seen congregations meet at leased storefronts at strip malls. But I stand by my point that Monuments in general are just showing off power.


    let me guess Wistful, you have nothing to say about the thousands os skyscrapers in USA, all built by people who also want that “mines bigger than yours” approach to buildings


    ah the good old “Kölner Dom” which is it’s Name in German.


    I have a photo of myself, dressed in an mid 1800’s US cavalry uniform hugging a German man wearing a traditional Bavarian dress and blond plaits – right on the front steps of this very building.

    It was the closest thing to a religious experience that I may have ever experienced.

    Kölle Alaaf! Excellent party.