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    OMG a Trash 80. I haven’t seen one of those in 30 years.


    Ah Tandy, I’ve owned two of them, not the all-in-one though. It was so cool when I bought the dual floppy drive one.


    Isn’t this one of the ones that wiped the disk things if you turned it on while they were still in the machine?


    The model I did that, the model III was the attempt to not do that, as the FCC had ruled that the EM given off from the machine was a radio-destructive wave.


    When my grandmother’s boyfriend/ my quasi-grandfather passed away, we found three TRS-80s. I figured we could sell them on a collector’s market, they were in great condition, but I think my uncle who was the executor just threw them out with the rest of the giant piles of electronics.


    You’ve assassinated your uncle, right?


    I remember working on these things in school. Ah, memories…I wouldn’t go back to those days for anything. I’ll even tolerate /b/tards for the sake of keeping modern tech levels. :p


    Spent many hours typing out BASIC code copied from magazines. You could even change the cursor to a lightning bolt.


    Thank you guys, for making me feel like I’m not the only old fogey on this site.


    i learned BASIC on a model I, which my father thought was a mainframe and kept it running for weeks at a time without rebooting it… it didn’t last long (obviously), and its replacement was a model III, shortly before i moved out of my parents’ house to attend college…

    them was the days, eh’?


    These were what were in the Computer Science class when I was in Jr High. TRaSh-80s… you swear by them, or swear at them. 🙂