The Fall – The Bad

The Fall - The Bad

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    tiki god

    I hate this movie so much.


    I still need to see it.


    I loved it. Although my opinion is biased because the little girl spoke Romanian and Romanian in big films even if it’s so little always gets me ridiculously excited. I also like how Tiki repeatedly posts The Fall pictures just to make the same comment about how he didn’t like it. You little masochist, you.

    tiki god

    flame bait! also, I posted this, but I didnt’ pick the picture.

    now how could that be?


    I liked it, too.

    Some movies try to hard to be trippy and mend bending, and fail hard. (See also – Donny Darko). This one I think did it’s job well. Of course, I heard a lot of “meh” about it, so going in I didn’t expect much.

    I’m also starting to have this argument over The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, though for some reason only my female friends as of yet dislike that film. I thought it was amazing.


    Great movie.
    The little girl did an amazing job, she was very believable.


    Gorgeous, bizarre movie.

    I was told that the dialogue between Lee Pace and the little girl was mostly improvised. Interesting.


    Horribly underrated movie.

    Tarsem Singh is either an unappreciated genius or just a showman, but his films have style, all 2 of them. He was slated to direct Constantine but backed out. It’d have been an amazing film had he been allowed to direct it.

    I’ve gotten the most split responses of this film. 50% of the people out there hate this movie and the other 50% consider it amazing.

    I don’t blame him for The Cell. It was a cheap ripoff of the Japanese book Paprika.

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