Three Wolf Jump (+Moon)

A picture of a hunting wolf has won the prestigious Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 award.

Jose Luis Rodriguez captured the imaginations of the judges with a picture that he had planned for years, and even sketched out on a piece of paper.

But this is the internet, and the internet has rulez.


via Cynical-C

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    Doctor Thompson

    When can I expect to see this on a shirt? Wolves have always done an exceptional job hiding my incredibly girthy frame. However, they have not increased my ability to jump. Yet. I wish to join the basketball team and as all of you with my condition know: gravity weighs especially hard upon us. These three mystic wolves displaying their outstanding jumping ability will send a message to gravity that says “BACK OFF! EVEN IF THIS KID STANDS ALONE, HE’S ONE OF THE PACK.”

    Doctor Thompson

    (Oh an on a side note. I don’t have to stand alone, if someone in the cafe at school will just let me sit with them. There are plenty of free chairs, and no – I don’t take up two seats. Really, I hate trying to eat my bacon chili dogs while standing. The chili gets everywhere, and my legs get so tired from standing for more than five minutes. Or even if you could just respect the wolves and give up a chair for me to sit by myself in. AHOOOOOO!)

    Doctor Thompson

    I’ve been lurking without commenting for a while. It’s time to come back.


    This picture cured my AIDS.

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