This is a wasp.

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    Jesus Christ is such a pussy.


    This is why I worship the Tiki.


    As a joke. Pussy.


    Both of you faggots would shit yourself if it was a goddamn tarantula.


    I would. Spiders are scary.


    I definitely would if it was one of those crazy Japanese wasps that spray acid and are bigger than your thumb! This picture quite accurately describes those things.


    Why the hell are all the votes in this thread downward. This seems to be going pretty well in my view.


    Wait… wasps don’t pollinate??


    I got stung in the neck by one of these fuckers and it made me pass out for 5 minutes when I was eight.


    I got stung in the neck when I was eight years old by one of these fuckers and it made me pass out. I don’t know how long I was out but I missed my ninth birthday party.


    I kill those muthafukas on sight. Roll up a magazine, newspaper or use a brick. They die when I see them. The sound of their exoskeleton crushing under the weight of my boot makes me smile. I used to be compassionate with Wasps, live and let live. Then one day I was added to a Wasps list of shit. The fucker stung me. Hurt like I was drilled with a rusty nail with a crappy electrified drill. I hunt them down with my long range foam, carb cleaner and a lighter. I smile when I see Wasps now. Because the… Read more »


    I would enjoy observing that. From a safe distance.

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