deadpool with bucky

deadpool with bucky

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    Phalic head is phalic


    Tell me he’s mocking Captain Lamerica. Because that’s one hell of a stupid getup.


    Yes he is. There was a Cable&Deadpool comic book where he and his friend Bob (a Hydra agent, but a nice guy who only joined hydra because they had a good dental plan. yeah, the series was nuts like that) got unstuck in time. They spent some time traveling through time until they landed in WWII, and met up with Captain America and Bucky. Hilarity ensued. I don’t remember a costume change, or that Deadpool and Bucky ever got separated from the group and worked as a team or anything, so maybe this is just an homage.


    That was a great issue. I loved how angry Bucky was. Ironically, it fit in perfectly with Bucky’s personality when he came back. (One of the better resurrections in comics. Up there with Whedon bringing Colossus back).


    Best wallpaper ever…


    Is it just me or does he look remarkably like SCUD the disposable assassin here?