Doggy Gas Masks

dog_gas_masks_01.jpg (46 KB)

dog_gas_masks_02.jpg (40 KB)

dog_gas_masks_03.jpg (75 KB)

dog_gas_masks_04.jpg (40 KB)

dog_gas_masks_05.jpg (28 KB)

dog_gas_masks_06.jpg (39 KB)

dog_gas_masks_07.jpg (54 KB)

dog_gas_masks_08.jpg (16 KB)

dog_gas_masks_09.jpg (29 KB)

dog_gas_masks_10.jpg (42 KB)

dog_gas_masks_11.jpg (31 KB)

dog_gas_masks_12.jpg (29 KB)

dog_gas_masks_13.jpg (31 KB)

dog_gas_masks_14.jpg (27 KB)

dog_gas_masks_15.jpg (41 KB)

dog_gas_masks_16.jpg (27 KB)

dog_gas_masks_17.jpg (29 KB)

dog_gas_masks_18.jpg (31 KB)

dog_gas_masks_19.jpg (23 KB)

dog_gas_masks_20.jpg (23 KB)

I got a few of these for my dogs, but I doubt I’ll ever use them, right?

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    Are you my owner?


    i dont see the point of these. i mean, really. a dog that cant smell or bite?

    tiki god

    better then a dead dog from mustard gas


    Still useful for guard duty. Sense of hearing still works.

    fracked again

    They need to have bayonets on the end of these so they can still stab you.


    Mild toxic voice.We did toxic case, better then a dead dog from mustard gas.Poison,Try more.Toxic.


    Keeps the str8 ones from sniffing each others ass. The fag ones enjoy it.


    unless you’re browsing mcs from your phone, stop that shit.


    My dog would just fucking keel over and die. The guy can’t even wear Christmas antlers without freaking the hell out.

    Gas mask guru

    I’m curious could you tell me were you bought these gas masks because my son is a huge collector and he’s been looking all over the Internet for these gas mask. And if not are you selling any of these for a decent price? I’d be much appreciative if you could tell me.

    there you go