Let`s say you`ve gone back in time

time.png (880 KB)

Keep this shit around.

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    repoast of a repoast


    Just went back in time and saw a repost.


    i saw a buncha people with this shirt and i was like damn okay yeah a tshirt is nice but id rather get the poster version. or take this picture and blow it up crazy and make a bigass poster. stick it in my house. read it all the time. memorize it. then people dont go hey dude whyre you lookin at your shirt you could just be like oh yeah btw derpaderp and theyd be oh shit dude howd you know and you could be like MY MIND


    i dissagree with the last 3 words of small text


    I still find this lacking. It doesn’t give you how to make gunpowder, how to make steel, or extract iron, How can I build a steam engine?

    Electric motors is good though.

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