at this season of the winter solstice

at this season of the winter solstice

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    Yep, that is about right. Sorry Jesus myth.


    keep your religious beliefs out of my christmas, plox

    Luke Magnifico

    keep my atheism out of my christmas

    Wait, what

    Yeah, sounds about right.


    Away with your filthy new religions like agnosticism, christianity and environmentalism!

    There can be only ONE TRUE PAGAN HODGEPODGE! >:D


    Well alrite then, i guess this poster convinced me. That settles it. Phew thank god that there is something other than the bible out there to dictate how i should think. I just called my priest, told him jesus was a myth and that he can swallow my hot egg nog.


    There’s a reason I’m not religious. At most there’s about 1/3rd of the world that believes in the same religion as each other. So no matter what, you only have a 33% chance that your religion is the correct one. Personally, I’d rather not waste my time than play the game and hope I chose the right one. It’s sort of like the lottery.


    only sheep need a shepherd

    fracked again

    I like the FFRF, but I didn’t like this xmas display. Its true, but depressing and grumpy. I prefer my secular response to be snarky and humorous.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s not as if Atheists have their own worldwide simultaneous kickass parties.


    New Years Eve?




    Halloween is a pagan-christian thing. we could give them presidents day.


    You’re so smart for knowing that Christ’s birth was moved to coincide with the beginning of winter. Don’t break your stupid arm patting yourself on the back for telling people shit they already know.

    //Merry Christmas


    Just to throw it out there, I’m part of the directive of the Atheist Movement of Puerto Rico, affiliated with Dawkin’s OutCampaign.

    Merry Christmas