Where You Sit In Class/ Seminar

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And What It Says About You.

I’m a Mid-Center: “Bring it on.”

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    How about: back row, near the exit and sleeping?




    I’m the pet wannabe but I sit more to the right, so that I’m on the left side of the teacher. They prefer people subconsciously when they are facing the students from that side. I’m not even kidding, it works with anybody really. Just sit to their right and they will feel more comfortable about you. Also depending on how many seats are taken the teacher is less likely to pay attention to the people in the very front because he’s more concerned with what the ones in the back are doing since you would think they are the ones… Read more »




    I’d like to be inside of your monkeysphere, die.


    Nice. If you told me that in person it would totally work.

    Kik Dogg

    That is where I sit too, but it is more so I can hear than I wanna be teacher’s pet. I like to be able to see the teacher’s mouth.


    Most people move to the right. When you walk into a store, you will prolly head right and because the retailers (especially grocery stores) know this, most of the things people need (milk, eggs, bread, etc…) will be the furthest from the door. They’re gonna make you walk through the whole store to get to what you need, which is in the left most rear of the store (from the door). I found that the better students are always to my right (facing the class), it doesn’t seem to matter as much whether they’re seated front, center or even rear,… Read more »


    AHA! So that means there is some truth to what I have read. I don’t know if the way I explained it made sense because I explained it from both perspectives, the student’s and the teacher’s view, but what you said is also what my books said.


    i usually go about mid row, third seat from the aisle. Hood up, head back, asleep. My posture says “I’m here to learn the interesting stuff, but on the days that we just review math, I’m going to take a quick power nap.”

    tiki god

    I always sit in the back, because I’m over six feet tall.


    I always sit against the wall on the left-hand side, because my school has the stupid desks that have chairs attached. People who are left-handed like myself are forced to sit in the two or three lefty desks per room.


    I used to grab 2 of those seats and prop my legs on the 2nd one and use it for food and drink during class. I always wondered how the heavier people managed to squeeze themselves in to them.


    Uncommitted all the way

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