Poster of a play I directed

penguin poster.jpg (336 KB)

Wanna know what it’s called? Ask me.

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    What’s it called? Nu am stiut ca esti si un director, wow.


    I mean the answer is probably Penguin Pascal, but then I thought, what if the guy on the left is called Penguin and the guy on the right Pascal? If that were the case surely you wouldn’t name the play after these two characters. It works for Tom & Jerry and Cow & Chicken because they’re animals. Or perhaps the guy in the back holding the newspaper is the penguin, because he’s wearing a tuxedo I think, in which case this would be the bomb because I’m terrified of penguin men in tuxedos and I enjoy being afraid. And the… Read more »


    Yes. I’d like to see them.


    Haha oh. Ok, I mean that is slightly illogical and definitely good but there was no way for me to know. If they’re not all wearing tuxedos it’s not frightening though. Interesting, I’m reading the site you linked right now and you should post the posters yes. Please.
    Ah m-am gandit ca inseamna al ce va, este asa si pe germana da nu eram sigur. Multumescmultumesc.


    Nu am zis ca nu imi place sa ma corectez, ci nu imi place sa fac greseli! Grrr. It’s painful, ow my ego.


    Inglés por favor!

    tiki god

    wtf is going on here, speak english, I can’t understand why you’re doing this, omg.

    stop speaking in the devil’s tongue!


    On deutsch Ich sprechen shit.

    tiki god

    please don’t forget that I have the powers of MOD and I can either give you neg 2,000 or delete your comment outright.




    German is the devils Tongue? good to know


    Dammit! Cease your moonspeak!!!

    Luke Magnifico

    Punched-Face-Man’s Big Day Out