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I’am going to photoshop the shit out of this ones.


Awesome. Also that’s one long fucking door. No really, splendid execution, the weed shirt in the same spot where Sagan was warms my heart. I give you 4.5 dieAstrawberries out of 5.



My mom’s apartment has those windows over the doors too. They do a decent job of letting the heat out of the room in the summer.


Oh I thought it was a special door they built just for you because you’re so tall.


i tee hee hee’d


Well executed. I applaud you sir.


I’m a proud jackass. It’s a great part to play. 😉


Blindingly green room is blindingly green.

Kik Dogg

Everything they said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

You got 5 stars from me. This totally made my day.


This made me lol.


well lamb, do you live in a somewhat old house? if not your room,door area was fashioned or inspired by the architect by old houses. y’see the windows above doors were popular way back when there wasnt air conditioning, and people wanted privacy, but wanted air circulating around the house, so they close the door and open the window at the top. their logic: the heat rises. So in turn make rooms like 3 feet taller than the door, make the window above the door openable and then the hot air leaves the room out that window. in winter, twas… Read more »


He’s in Romania, everything in Romania is old. Even young people are old.


oh yeah. i fogot. silly romanians.
and everyone is missing at least one tooth.


Eastern Europe’s Bitch

fracked again



Why you don’t make this bullshit whith “the big bang theory” guys?
At minimum, they are fun! You, regrettable …


Not gonna lie, I saved this and gave it fiev starz.


You see… The problem with Theists is not that they don’t open any books… it’s just that they don’t open enough books.


I’m not afraid of the man that has read one thousand books, I’m afraid of the man that’s only read one.
I don’t know who said it first.

Billy Manic

I don’t see a problem with any of the three.


So…theists are confident (in their silly belief), tolerant (of people of the same belief) and sympathetic (of people of their own belief), or what was that?


In reality there are illogical members in all three parties, and accepting in all three as well. I highly doubt you are accepting if you are making something like this. You might be accepting of other theists and think agnostics are confused but that doesn’t make you accepting.


I don’t know if any of the last few people who commented know this but this is a joke. Don’t take it seriously, we know it’s nonsense. The original creator of the image is unknown and only a super small fraction on this site makes retarded generalisations like this.


Haha what do you mean by let it go. I made only one comment and I didn’t sound too concerned either. If you don’t care that’s fine, I made a comment clarifying this just like I would have with any other topic.