The Crow

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Can’t rain all the time…

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    Gorgeous film, gorgeous man.


    I love this movie but the follow ons didn’t stand a chance.


    The comic blows the movie away, IMO. The movie is awesome, so that says a lot about the comic. 😉


    I agree with the above


    i think he would have made the best Neo in The Matrix….


    I’m looking at the new version as a new movie, because it apparantly is. So I’m stoked.


    Brandon!!!! *sobs*


    I love this movie and I do not watch it nearly often enough.

    I’ve also met the original creator of the Crow. He does art sales occasionally around Dallas (I think he lives here). He seemed sad to me.

    The guy that did Blade is rebooting this series.

    They never should have made more than two (I like City of Angels, there, I said it). I would also accept they never should have done more than one.

    Luke Magnifico

    People are going to say it’s a Joker ripoff. Because they look similar.

    And the streets will run red with blood.


    two reasons for that
    1. it just made sense to be a one time movie
    2. its not Brandon Lee

    Graphic Novel owns this movie, but its still a fantastic movie!

    fracked again

    Great movie, ditto on graphic novel being better, great soundtrack too, #2’s soundtrack was way better than the movie, and I just saw the 3rd on scifi channel a month or so ago, blargh.


    I deeply love this movie, but there is only one Eric Draven. There doesn’t need to be a remake.


    Love this movie. Haven’t seen it in years, I need to get it off the shelf next time I have time to watch it without the wife around (she’s not a fan).