New Doctor

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Here’s a picture from the set of the new ‘Doctor Who series, with the new Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillam)

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    wow. the good doctor is pretty fucking gay looking


    Atleast he’s not all emo like he looked in the first publicity shots.

    And Tennant looked a bit gay before you got to know him


    I don’t like this. The old doctor was the man of my dreams. He was perfect in every possible way. The hair, the smile, the coat and the shoes, my god.


    Another one? Come on people.


    Kewt redheaad

    Maxwell Edison



    She’s cute, but I wonder if the new Doctor can spit the cock out long enought to save the universe.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why is Amy Pond grabbing her crotch?


    this site needs a Dr. Who filter. Get this shit out of here.


    I fucked both of them.


    Yes, another one. It’s part of Dr Who’s canon. If The Doctor suffers a fatal injury, he regenerates in the TARDIS, which ( usually ) means a whole new appearance. Pretty clean way of handling actor handoffs if you ask me.

    Maxwell Edison

    Quick Wiki check says her name is Karen Gillan not Gillam. She’s 21, so I don’t feel so dirty anymore. And she was on an episode last season as the Soothsayer in “The Fires of Pompeii.”


    Yes, it’s a pretty clean way of handling actor handoffs, but ever since the old series ended, they’ve been going through them at an alarming rate. Most actors who’ve portrayed the Doctor have done so for about three years, and Tom Baker held the role for seven. Paul McGann only held the role for one TV movie which I’d as soon forget, and Christopher Eccleston bailed after a single season. Lame. Considering the Doctor only has thirteen regenerations, they’re railroading themselves into dealing with that issue in an awfully big hurry.


    The Doc’s a fag and the bitch looks like a 12 year old boy. Jesus fuck.


    Either way, I’m looking forward to the new one. They’ve done well so far, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.


    the 13 total regens is a good point, but is this a biological lock or was it enforced by the council of Time Lords on Gallifrey? And I agree with dieAntagonista that David Tennent was the closest thing to Tom Baker and still bring a fresh face to the series. Also was kinda neat that he, much like Tom Baker, got actually more…almost sadistic later in the series. Those two are my favorite, with John Pertwee bringing in third and the original William Hartnell being fourth. PLUS you also have his cloned “daughter” bouncing around the universe that CAN regenerate…although… Read more »

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I hate the look of the new Doctor, and he’s going to have to act especially amazing to fill Tennant’s shoes. But I’m liking the new companion. Mmm… liking a lot.


    The movie with McGann never happened, you just had a bad dream after eating too much spicy food.


    What I need from the Doctor is one thing, and one thing only:
    the delivery of the word “Well”

    “There’s a thing- well two things well/> a thing and a lizard.”


    damn, drunken tags are hard.


    I love the show so I reserve judgment on this Doctor til then. I liked Tennant’s doctor a lot. I even dressed up as the 10th Doctor for Halloween. Pinstripe suit/coat/everything.


    They were filming this show at a pub (Brynffynnon Hotel) where a friend of mine works a couple of weeks ago. They made a mock graveyard in the carpark (they couldn’t dig up the real graveyard next door for obvious reasons).