Bears in a Pool

pool.jpg (313 KB)

“I wuvs you,Schmoopy!”
“I wuvs you MORE, Schnoodles!!!”

*Eskimo kisses*

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    Ahahahahhahahhaha. Gay guys are hilarious because they do things that make no sense to us straight people.




    I’m straight and this makes perfect sense to me. I also knew what this photo was going to be about, multi_masked keeps using the term bear so I put two and two together. + 1 pool. = fucking sweet.


    Go back to the Closet!!!!!!!!!!


    I love bears, and I love red heads. I’m totally hard just looking at this picture imagining myself in between them. Hot!

    Also, this picture is horribly adorable. They look so happy together.


    As a man secure in his own sexuality, I can say that this does look like a tender moment between a loving homosexual couple (that, or they are two straight guys posing like this to freak out their insecure friends). Either way I am impressed by two very impressive beards. Since I have these guys’ hairline, I wish I had their facial hair capacity.


    I must agree – fine beardage there. Well done.


    if only they could get lost and do it somewhere else, FAR FAR away from humans so we dont have to worry about seeing them on the street, and very far away from warping our kids minds


    nice, you like big hairy faggots warping kids minds and speak against those who support humanity
    Demon, dont have kids, you’ll just help the corruption of liberalism spread


    I like that also. You don’t? Strange.


    Weird. I didn’t think Liberalism was a bad thing. I mean, in Civ 4 it does give you a free technology.


    Once you start not taking KommissarKvC seriously it’s kind of funny. Kinda like a retard trying to tackle differential equations.


    this “spread of liberalism” is taking hold quickly but i don’t think its deconstructive…but i think i do know what you’re describing

    besides this kinda shit’s been around for quite a while now, i dont see what the big “OMFG THEY’RE SO CUTE LOLOLRAWRGAY” is about…at least oprah’s getting off the air


    2 bears 1 pool?


    Im gay and this kinda disturbs me…

    KVC, I think you’ve got that backwards. Would it surprise you to know that while only 2% of adult US citizens identify as gay, over 50% of youth suicides are by gay people (2002 stats). If anything, people like you are warping the minds of young people so badly they’d prefer to die than inhabit the same space as you. Maybe Nazis like you should be the ones to go far FAR away. And die.


    aw…this is cute
    go fuck yourself you insecure dick less asshole


    well yes, those who choose to identify, yet not counting all the closet cases or those that just choose to not have themselves labeeled by what they truly are. As for fags comitting suicide, by all means let us keep the factors in life that drive them to such a choice, or for those of us within humanity who cant wait for natural selection, continue on with buying illegal firearms and speeding things along


    they were just playing a REALLY intense game of marco polo.


    whatever other meanings the two words “Schmoopy” and “Schnoodles” may have had in my memory, they have now been irreversibly replaced by “slightly overweight gay man with well groomed facial hair canoodling in outdoor pool”.