L4D2 Raging

raging.JPG (289 KB)

I suggest you all install steam, and download left for dead 2 demo…

I will teach you how to rage/spam/TK/force TK/grief.

If enough people are interested, I’ll get a steam group going.

Explanation of the screen shot:

On expert mode, your bullets do normal damage to team mates, instead of severely less damage than on the other modes.

You can easily incapacitate your 3 team mates in a matter of seconds.

Make sure you do this at a time when no zombies are around, so that you have no distractions.

What I also like about left for dead 2, is the fact that characters laugh – meaning, you hit z or x, and it brings up a menu – with about 8 or so on each.

One of them is “laugh” – and it’s perfect when you’re team mates are all on the ground, basically yelling “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”.

I will try to get fraps to work with audio and upload some videos as an example.

For now I leave you with this screen shot – 3 team mates lying helpless, with me laughing – and as you can see, I got votekicked because of it.

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    Thanks for including your Steam name in that screenshot…


    People like you are the reason Left 4 Dead was nearly unplayable online. That’s also the reason I won’t be getting L4D 2.


    Casemods, you are a complete faggot. Get the fuck out and swallow a shotgun.


    Apparently it’s not *just* the retards with the flamethrowers, then…


    this is the reason we can’t have anything nice on the internet


    Who said anything about hacking your account? Just makes it easier to avoid your pathetic ass.


    Valve needs to shape the fuck up. The Half-Life and CS series are the only good things they’ve ever done. Team Fortress is fucking negligible as it does nothing new at all. Portal and L4D though, that’s taking things into a new ballgame. Neither was Valve’s idea, at all. Portal is based off of another video game and Left 4 Dead is quite literally a CS mod some college kids made and Valve stole then bought. I played the fucking demo for L4D 2, and it is the exact same boring shit as the first game. I have no idea… Read more »


    It’s nice to know your being a dick is not limited to this environment. I was starting to think we were being punished for something.


    If you get a steam group together invite me case, im dling the demo tonight, and will be buying l4d2 with next weeks pay 🙂


    Hopefully asphyxxia will meet casemeth and cut off his penis with a blunt knife for the good of humanity.


    On different continents, but it is a fleeting possibility. I will cut it off and keep it in a preservation jar labeled “good of humanity”


    The label would burn off like in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

    Jesus Christ

    I like how even newfags of m[c]s know that casemods is a faggot, but don’t seem to know that either: A), you don’t feed the troll or, B) Casemods IS a troll.

    But I’m going to be honest by saying that I laughed hard reading this post then laughed harder because of the comments.

    I hate you, Casemods. But you are one amazing troll.

    Billy Manic

    I rather like casemods. And for those who don’t, ‘casemeth’ isn’t all that clever. Try something new, yeah? I enjoy the flame war.


    God damnit casemods.


    hey i have that game. you dickhead.


    @Billy: How about ‘cockmods’?

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