It Will Take Off

In response to: Will It Take Off?
I sit corrected.

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    Did mythbusters ever do anything on this?

    I say it would not, because there is no air traveling over or under the wings.


    In fact they did. It will take off because it’s generating thrust through the engines, not the wheels. Its moving because it’s pushing the air in front of it, where as cars move because the push the ground beneath them

    Kik Dogg

    But, no. The airplane’s wheels aren’t attached to the treadmill, so it wouldn’t bring the treadmill with it. Besides, that treadmill is too large in relationship to the size of the plane for the plane to be able to carry it up into the sky. And I don’t know about you guys’ treadmills, but mine does not have big enough fans on the bottom to provide the needed supplemental lift.

    I think this is shooped.


    kiki is right. The plane should be crashing into the treadmill.


    How does one make such a gigantic treadmill?

    Special Kail

    fucking liberals and their “green” energy..


    Has it been three years already?


    Answer: It cannot take off without foward motion. However, the wheels are there only to hold it up until it takes off. They spin freely. Thus, no matter how fast the treadmill ran, it wouldn’t matter because the wheels are not connected to the plane by anything but ball bearings. They would simply spin faster, with no kinetic energy,(besides a very small amount of friction) i.e. movement, being transferred to the airframe. If they WERE connected, the plane’s situation is hopeless. But as they are not, all the pilot has to worry about is the treadmill handlebars destroying the wings.


    Yes, but you fail to explain how the treadmill is supposed to take off.


    KFC: the point is that the tread mill is spinning…