What Christians Believe

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    A) Not all Christians believe that man and dinosaur lived side by side. Or that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

    B) No Christians believe that there are still dinosaurs living among us. Hopefully.

    Don’t mix all Christians in with the fundie/born again/Palin loving/ GOP’er type. That’s only a small majority of them, and I will agree with you that they are retarded. I have no problem with the majority of Christians who look to the teaching of a loving Christ to set their moral compass.


    …that the backgrounds to that crappy Disney movie were actually filmed in an old European village?


    Mapusaurus roseae died for your sins. You goddamn sinners.


    Let’s be realistic:
    dinosaurs lives millions of years ago.

    Nobody believes that they lived hundreds of years ago.

    Guess who fails


    i’m guessing you are the one who fails


    Add another failure.

    That makes 2.

    Anyone care to guess who the first one is still?


    You’d be surprised how many people believe they did. Yes, I am saying there are bigger dumbasses than you out there.

    fracked again

    I’ve been to the Creation “Museum” as part of an atheist group. They not only believe in a young earth, and that humans and dinos lived together, but that it was only a few thousand years ago. They even pointed to stories of dragons as justification for a belief that dinos had only died out in the last few hundred years. They had a placard saying that it was possible and likely that dinos might still be around, and it wouldn’t surprise them if any were found. 44% of Americans believe in a young earth (<10k) www.pollingreport.com/science.htm Sorry, but young… Read more »

    teezy weezy

    WTF lets make up some random shit and say its true for all 🙂 FTW!


    All religion is pointless….

    fracked again

    Its not random shit. 44% of Americans are young earth creationists and they are either christians or muslims. They believe that Adam and Eve shared the garden of eden with dinos. They believe that most dinos died off during the Noachian flood. Some think that dragons were dinos that survived and only died off recently and rumors of monsters are evidence that dinos still exist.

    Between young earth and old earth creationist flavors, creationism is the majority position in the US.


    Fact: Birds, alligators and Jesus are all dinosaurs. Yet none of them believe in me.


    They are not dinosaurs. They evolved alongside them and from them. That’s like saying cockroaches are dinosaurs. I think what really bugs me are the Christians who pick and chose what they want from the bible. If it’s the word of God, as they claim, it’s all or nothing. Buncha pansies and their watered down belief systems. Not one of ’em with the guts to sacrifice an ox or even a dove. But feel free to believe Jesus was a nice guy with some good ideas. Just leave the divinity crap out unless you are willing to go all the… Read more »


    And Jebus said let there be pizza, and he saw that it was round and cheesy and coered wih meat, but NO anchovies. Thus he cut it into three equal pieces. Three being the number; not one, nor two, nor four, nor three point one fourone five nine two…. oh nevermind. Three is the number of which he cut the pieces. And thus we have pizza pi!