rise of the black lanterns

rise of the black lanterns

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The accepted nomenclature is “African-American lanterns”




    Is this DC’s response to the Marvel Zombies?


    Not really. Let it be known first that I am not the best source for this. The Green Lantern comics have been leading up to this for some time, I believe at least 2004. Marvel Zombies didn’t start until 2005, and was not immediately part of the wider Marvel Multiverse. I would also like to say this is superior to Marvel Zombies. I started reading Blackest Night because zombies are awesome, but then found I was actually interested in reading the GL stuff that led to it. Reading Marvel Zombies, I honestly could not have given a damn about the… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    I love this.


    I have a black lantern corps ring I got from the DC table at fan expo. The sampler I got with it makes me very much want to read this and the stuff leading up to it like RSIxidor said, and I am a diehard Marvel fan.


    I got that ring at my LCS. They had a ton of them. I should have asked for more. Now I want the super quality replica rings that some company started making.

    Dude, read it. Its very good. The paperbacks are only $15. I don’t know if you have a regular comic shop, but mine gives discounts as long as your a ‘checklist’ member. They send me a checklist each week of what I want, and they hold it for me. Sometimes for months when I’m poor because I pay bills instead of buying comics and toys.

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