termites on the ark

termites on the ark


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    if it said “really, Shem?” it would be moar bettar

    Catherine Longfellow

    i lol’d.


    Termites being delivered in a wood box.

    Luke Magnifico

    Keeping termites in a wooden crate?


    The analogy is doubled…
    Wooden box, wooden ship….
    It all works if ya have that faith thangy…


    I thought he only took two.


    Queen & drone with no workers to care for eggs & young = dead colony. Queen & worker with no male to reproduce = dead colony.


    termites is plural. Just an oversized box.

    Billy Manic

    Giant termites, duh.

    fracked again

    This is what fundie Christians really believe. If they thought about borrowed Babylonian myths, that is.


    Far cry 2 keeps freezing for 10 seconds at a time. I thought it was because of shadows because it would lag 10 times in a row when I viewed the shadows on the wall till I turned them down.

    I turned all the video setting to low, other than 1440×900 resolution and that worked for a while.

    But then it even froze for 10 seconds after that.

    It’s only happening in far cry 2 – no other games.

    I’m not sure what to do.


    Take a 10lb sledgehammer to it.

    Maxwell Edison

    Dammit I was just gonna post that.

    Maxwell Edison

    That was to fracked. Nested comment fail.

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