Landmaste Wheelwell

DCP07154.JPG (28 KB)

The Tires DO NOT touch!!

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    Here’s what I don’t understand.

    do the individual tires have their own drive and then when it hits an obstacle they turn due to this? Or does it drive the center, and the wheels turn over each other?


    Here’s what I’m thinking.

    Centre axle, then 3 wheel-axles.

    At the chassis, there is some sort of an independent chain-gearbox-thing running from a gear on the central axle to each wheel axle.

    There’s probably an independent motor for each wheel, to make sure the drive is stable when on rough terrain… Maybe.

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s what I was thinking aswell.


    also. It rolls over when it hits obstacles. 2 wheels in contact at a time, and it rolls over to climb up or down staggered inclines or obstructions.


    Alright, here’s the clue guys: watch a video of it rolling on YouTube:


    A good overview:

    Note: “The via rotating star wheel system also allows the vehicle to climb over fallen trees etc.. All 12 wheels are driven. (But it is an 8 WD because 4 have no road contact)”


    Ok, things makes thing ALL BETTER for me. Great concept!


    It’s not gay if the wheels don’t touch.

    Bill Carson

    Looks like Ark III.


    I still think they should have beefed up the the geared hub on the inboard side, and gotten rid of that external crossbar. And perhaps put the cab aft of the front axle. That would have made it much more flexible for off-roading…


    and added truck nuts.


    So people can kick em…? No wai…! :/