Before and after 100 pounds

wows.jpg (259 KB)

Holy fuck.

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    tiki bot

    bitch got hot ya’ll


    Exercise and a balanced diet works wonders.


    as does a gastric bypass procedure


    Now she’s hot and has sex like an ugly girl… you can’t want more.




    I hope she still likes the taste of meat!


    She probably DOESN’T like meat now. She’s taking revenge on the sex that never gave her the time-of-day when she was heavy so now she only eats the pussy.

    Any have a name/sauce?


    I think he actually meant meat, like from an animal that was slaughtered and sent to a store or restaurant in some sort of package.

    Personally, I hope she doesn’t like animal anymore, except for trouser snake smothered in underwear with a delectable cream filling.


    A bit of both, was wondering if she still liked revenge sex with steak


    She should have kept the hair…..but congrats to whoever you are for doing what you did……3 thumbs up


    best part is ive met girls who lost a lot of weight and still eat cock like a sob


    At first, I was like

    “Damn, she’s not how”

    But then I was like

    “She’s not that hot”


    I just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it. I see a lot of fat girls every day with pretty faces and wonder how hot they’d be if they just took care of their weight a little.

    As far as being hot and screwing like an ugly chick, experience is everything. I’ll teach you baby, I’ll teach you all night long…


    I would rather fuck a girl who isn’t experienced because I’m not and we could both learn stuff together.


    Dude. No. You need a WOMAN that is willing to take on an apprentice. Not a Gurrl that is inexperienced & full of angst & bullshit. (Don’t touch me there.. I don’t even touch myself there… EEEEEwwww) Learn from an experienced woman that’s not a 100 thousand mile retread that can suck a cock the way it’s meant to be sucked. Let her show you the many pleasures of the Perfumed Garden. Let her slowly & deliberately train you in the many ways to pleasure a woman, all the while draining your nutsacks like an automated Wisconson milking machine.. She’s not afraid to say “Lick me here like this” so you can learn how to ring her bell like Quasimodo in his tower… Once graduated from the U of C(ougar) then you look for the many wayward Cinderellas that need to be led into the Halls of Ecstasy & become their Prince on a White Stallion with the fur lined hoodie & the really Kewl shoes. Trust me. If I had to do it all again I’d take the path more well traveled then double back & get the fresh bait.


    The equation here is:
    NOT – 100 = HOT! (that’s HOT factorial, btw)


    How come her smiles were a lot more genuine than AFTER she dropped all those pounds?

    She has those stupid cocky smirks “meh, I’m not interested in you so I’ll give a fake smile”.


    Because she’s full of herself now that men will touch her without a 10 foot pole.

    Also could be the meth. That would explain the weight loss.


    she’s only hot when compared to her former self…LOL, she’s her own ‘fat friend’



    Thinking of the episode of family guy when they all go on a reality show and the producers or whatever give meg an ugly friend that she would look comparatively better next to.

    This girl could post both of these pictures on a dating website and tell people “this is what I used to look like” and people would easily think she’s hot for a few seconds like we all did when we first saw this.


    Congrats to her and hope she keeps it off. She looks happier in the before pics, but I think she was just puttin’ on her sexy for the ‘after’ pics. If I were 100lbs overweight and managed to lose it, I’d be checkin’ out my sexy too. 🙂


    Bleah, I can’t imagine the amount of stretch marks.


    heh I was thinking the same thing


    Just 100lbs? She’s still fat, but the pic only shows her jawline.

    Dj. DreamStar

    u suck casemods
    and that girl GOT HOT!

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